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  • ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone Earplugs for ASMR, Insomnia, Snoring, Air Travel, Relaxation, Binaural, Black
  • ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone Earplugs for ASMR, Insomnia, Snoring, Air Travel, Relaxation, Binaural, Black
  • ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone Earplugs for ASMR, Insomnia, Snoring, Air Travel, Relaxation, Binaural, Black
  • ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone Earplugs for ASMR, Insomnia, Snoring, Air Travel, Relaxation, Binaural, Black
  • ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone Earplugs for ASMR, Insomnia, Snoring, Air Travel, Relaxation, Binaural, Black


ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone Earplugs for ASMR, Insomnia, Snoring, Air Travel, Relaxation, Binaural, Black


ATECH Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone Earplugs for ASMR, Insomnia, Snoring, Air Travel, Relaxation, Binaural, Black

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • ??LIGHT WEIGHT AND FLEXIBLE? Total silicon body offers a comfortable and snug fit for sleep rest and travel, noise isolating.
  • ? ?HIGH CLARITY ASMR SOUND? Designed with ASMR listening in mind, for bedtime, listening with noise reduction.
  • ? ?ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR ALL EAR CANAL? It fits all ear canal comfortably even for side sleepers.
  • ? ?BUILT IN MIC AND BUTTON? Skip/Play/Pause/Voice prompt on your music tracks as well as Answer/End phone calls, Noise attenuation.
  • ? ?AVAILABLE IN 2 TYPES? Type 1 will fit small/medium ears and Type 2 will fit medium/large ears best.
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Customer Reviews

ATECH vs MAXROCKI've bought both the ATECH and MAXROCK earbuds so I figure I'd do a comparison between the two:Size: If small-size is important, then definitely go with ATECHs, they are clearly smaller (I attached a photo so you can see the difference). Just FYI, if you happen to be reading through the MAXROCK reviews, just know that they changed their design in 2008 (from a smaller to a larger bud), so many reviews will be reviewing the older model.Comfort/fit: They're both comfortable for me, even though the MAXROCK has a longer stem, that hasn t bothered me. And both of them stay in my ear fairly well for the most part. The MAXROCKs have a more adapted design, which might be more comfortable for some people.Reliability: Too new for me to say, but from reading the negative reviews on both sides, it sounds like both products have had a lot of issues with reliability, but no issues with mine so far.Sound quality: If your using them to listen to music I would go with ATECH, the MAXROCKs are noticeably lacking in bass. However, when I m listening to audiobooks I don t notice a difference.Personal choice: They both work well for my needs for listening to audiobooks at night. I currently use the MAXROCKs for no other reason than that's what I started with.5I absolutely love these.These kept my roommate from being smothered to death in his sleep.I am deployed, living in a tiny metal box with another dude, and he snores, terribly. There were some nights I imagined throat punching him over and over, because rocket attacks, phalanx test fires, and outgoing artillery are nothing compared to the absolute nerve wracking sound of a dude snoring all night right next to you as you are trying to get some sleep. For weeks I was going on 4 hours or less. His snoring reverberated around inside our chu and magnified the sound to maddening levels. I woke up 50 times a night in fight mode, instantly furious at his incessant noise. I hate his snoring more than I have ever hated the taliban.These coupled with a noise application (sleep sounds: rain and box fan with atmosphere: lucid dream playing at the same time) I hear absolutely nothing at all, and they are so light and comfortable I dont even feel them anymore.This is by far the best 12 bucks I have ever spent. This helped my sanity stay in check and saved my roommate's life.5So comfortable!By far one of the most comfortable pair of headphones! I purchased this pair for sleeping as my spouse is a heavy snorer and I m a light sleeper. My old pair would wake me up because of the soreness it caused so it was choosing the lesser of two evils! But this pair is so comfortable I use it all day!I normally wear the medium sized plugs and though these feel small they actually fit in pretty good. The sound quality is decent. The mic seems to be pretty good as well. But I have noticed a slight scratching noise when I press the function button which tells me it s a loose connection and to not be too careless with it. This is the only reason why I did not give it 5 Stars.4Failed within two weeks.The earphones are very comfortable when in the ear laying down on a pillow to sleep. The sound quality is fair to good. This is my 2nd pair within a year. The last pair also failed within two months. Both time one side stopped working. The problem is that the units are very compressed to make them comfortable to have in ear and lay on a pillow. With that said, they are fragile. I really want them to work as these are the most comfortable I have used so far, and I have tried 8 different types. Most hurt your ears if laying on for any length of time, so you can only have one side in. Of course the side that your not laying on. They are inexpensive, but I would pay more if they made them stronger.2They're very comfy. I like 'em...and the microphone works great!The product works great so far. I received a damaged product originally (presumably broken in transit), but the company is very responsive and they immediately shipped out a new one at no cost. Easy to work with and happy with the product.54.5 StarsLet me start with the good - these headphones are comfortable to wear when I'm laying on my side in bed. I like to listen to audiobooks as I fall asleep and in the past I have tried all sorts of headphones/headbands/pillows with speakers. They're either never comfortable or my husband can hear them. These are very comfortable and silent if you're not the one using them. Since they serve this purpose very well, I went ahead and give them 5 stars, but they're not perfect. The sound is not stellar - they sound thin compared to my previous headphones (which were just Amazon Basics ones, nothing fancy), but since I use them for audiobooks, not music, it doesn't affect me as much as it would someone who was listening to music. They also feel a little flimsy so I'm concerned about the durability of the headphones, especially as I often fall asleep and roll over, jerking on the cord a little. They do have a little loop on the back of the cord where it attaches to the ear piece, so hopefully that will help. It's both good and bad that the ear flanges are built into the headphones... I lose those little flange thingies like no one's business, usually due to rolling over and jerking them out of my ear while sleeping :D These won't get lost, but they're also not adjustable. They fit my right ear well, but aren't sound-tight on my left ear. As a result I sometimes fiddle with the one in my left ear and since it's down in my ear canal a bit (in order to make it comfy to lay on) it's easy to tilt it and cut off the sound. That's a minor complaint, though, I just wiggle it again. Depending on durability I will probably buy these again when my first pair break because they really are the most comfortable earbuds for sleeping that I've found.Edit: 4 1/2 months in these headphones began to die. I can only get audio from one side unless I wiggle them around and hold them in place. Also, they frequently trigger my voice prompt on my phone (which all headphones seem to do on my phone as they start to die). 4 1/2 months actually isn't bad for me - I'm hard on headphones, I fall asleep in them a lot and roll over, stretching them and jerking them out of the headphone jack. I roll them up and shove them in pockets and walk around with them, etc. So I'm leaving my 4.5-5 star review. It would have been nice if they lasted longer and, as I mentioned in my original review, the sound isn't winning any awards, but for the price they are still good for what I want them for.5These type of ear buds are great for use while sleepingThese type of ear buds are great for use while sleeping. Very comfortable, block external noise well. The design with the loop holding the wire at the base gives a point to hold when removing without needing to pull the cables. Hopefully this will help them last. Sound reproduction is fine.4second pair to lose sound on one budI being the loud snorer that I am, got these for my wife. They were a God send for roughly six months. we were able to sleep next to each other, and every once in a while she said her ears hurt from wearing them but that was maybe once a month. Then after about 6 months the sound went out in one ear.With the first pair being so great, we ordered a second set, but again they died out within about 6 months.Granted she used them nightly, so maybe thats just the life expectancy, but I have reordered a pair of headphone for her to sleep with, but we have moved on to a different brand.3So comfortable!I'm a really picky sleeper, to the point where I don't much like sleeping away from home. I don't sleep well in silence, or anywhere with unfamiliar noises. Obviously, this creates an interesting challenge when I'm traveling, camping, or spending weekends at a friends house, so I've started using a white noise app with earbuds.I've tried a couple other pairs of earbuds with mixed success - either the cord was too short, causing the earbuds to pull out of the audio jack in my phone, or they were too large and put painful pressure on my ears (I'm a side sleeper).I grabbed these because they're made specifically for sleeping, and the cord was longer than other pairs of earbuds I've used. I was initially skeptical when I received them because there aren't multiple sizes of ear cushions included, but it ended up not being a problem at all. They worked perfectly! I can't recommend them enough.5Great for listening to podcasts/music while falling asleepGreat for listening to podcasts/music while falling asleep, which is why I bought these. I was using my 1More Triple driver IEMs when falling asleep and it was painful to lay on my side with those. These work great and the sound quality is still decent.PROs: - You can lay on the side of your head with these in and not be impacted. No pain, no pressure. They fit inside your ear easily (once positioned) - Sound better than I expected (I'm somewhat of an audiophile, so high standards) - Light, so you don't notice them as much - Good priceCONs: - Haven't really found any yet. Maybe longer cord??? The cord is decently long and will most likely do you fine5
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