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  • Coverlet Strip Dressings 1" x 3" 100 per Box
  • Coverlet Strip Dressings 1" x 3" 100 per Box
  • Coverlet Strip Dressings 1" x 3" 100 per Box


Coverlet Strip Dressings 1" x 3" 100 per Box


Coverlet Strip Dressings 1" x 3" 100 per Box

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Quilt vent technology
  • Creates air channels for superior breathability
  • Wicks away blood to keep wounds clean
  • Wound Pad is seeled off from contaminants
  • Latex Free
  • Wound Pad is seeled off from contaminants
  • 1x3 strip, 100/Box
  • Latex Free
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These really stickThese are almost perfect bandages. They have the adhesive on all four sides so as to keep any wound very nicely sealed. The pad itself seems larger than usual as well so it will cover larger wounds easily. These are also one of the few bandages that are truly repositional. If you happen to need to partially remove it for any reason the adhesive will reapply itself securely without any issues. These are also the most elastic bandages I have ever used so they will stretch nicely if needed, but be careful when putting them on that you take that into consideration.The only bad thing I have noticed so far with these is the smell. It sounds silly I know, but these do have a very distintive smell (reminds me of being in a doctor's office) that I find slightly irritating. Being a tad accident prone I have used numerous bandages in my life and this is the first time I have ever found myself disliking a bandage for its smell.Made in Columbia these are (as long as you aren't sensitive to the smell) some of the best bandages around. 4WORKS!!!I love to cook but I'm ALWAYS cutting myself! I've tried EVERY KIND of bandages and these are IT! Easy to put on (even bleeding from a cut!) and they stay on through all sorts of washing up things. Just skip all the other bandages and get these. Maybe a little more expensive, but totally worth it! 5Much better than the competition!Unlike other fabric based bandages made in China, or most made in the USA, these DO stick to themselves AND the skin. They do unravel, but much less than other brands do. The one I'm using now, to type this review, has been on for 18 hours and only one thread has loosened at the outside edge. This compares favorably against others that start fraying in less than an hour. These DO stand up to going in and out of pockets,and having gloves on, both cloth and rubber gloves (stretchy exam gloves). They are much less weakened when exposed to water, they do stay on! These are labeled as sourced from North Carolina, USA; but I think these are made in Germany, EU as the manufacturer is labeled as Beiersdorf, a well known name in Germany. [BSN Medical GmbH]The pad appears to be of the non-stick (to the wound) type, but make no claims about this. They are absorbent, and have not stuck to my wounds, some open and some closed, even with prolonged wearing, more than 24 hours. They do not make claims about antibacterial matter added to the dressing, neither do they claim to increase clotting time, if the wound is still bleeding, direct pressure over the wound with the dressing attached often works. If not, then these are not the adhesive dressings you need at this time and it is time to seek medical attention.TIP: if you use scissors to cut each of the adhesive sides in two longways, to the dressing pad, before taking off the paper, they become effectively knuckle dressings. They will have 4 "legs" that are positionable around the joint of the knuckle involved. 5Top of the line in functionHad no idea how good this product was, or I would've quit buying the heavily marketed brand a long time ago. I'm a fan as the bandage sticks through everything it seems like. It's not waterproof, but it will stick when wet. So you could wear it in the kitchen cooking, wash hands and get it wet, and finish cooking with no concern for the bandage pulling off. I did get tired of it being wet later so I changed it out. But these are so superior to anything I've ever used before. 5I go through bandaids like crazy, and these are great.I'm a gardener and pretty accident-prone. I can't tell you how many bandaids I go through. I got tired of running up to the Dollar General for yet another box, so I decided to try these. I ordered two boxes so I'd have plenty of bandaids on hand. I'll probably wind up ordering more.The 1 x 3 size is just right for the kinds of scrapes and punctures I tend to get. I am apparently extremely latex sensitive, and these do not bother my skin at all. They are a fabric-type bandage that is quite comfortable. They don't restick terribly well if you pull them off, but as long as the first-stick integrity is maintained, they stay on. Unlike some bandaids out there, the edges extend out beyond the bandage's protective wound pad and stick to the skin, ensuring dirt doesn't slide in under the edge.These are probably too big to wrap around a finger, so next I'm going to order BSN Medical Coverlet Small Finger Adhesive Bandages 2 1/8" x 1 1/2" - Box of 100. I'm really impressed with Coverlet's quality. 5Comfortable, Breathable and Latex FreeOf all the fabric bandages there are, this is my favorite. For years I used to get itchy red welts under bandaids, just where the glue was. So I stopped letting Drs and nurses put bandaids on me. When I told doctors why I didn't want them, they looked at me like I was nuts. Lo and behold, 20 years later, every time I saw a doctor they would ask if I was allergic to latex. When I told one doctor that I got red itchy welts under bandaids, just where the glue was, he said, "YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO LATEX".A few years ago after having blood drawn they put a Coverlet bandaid on me. I planned to remove it after a few minutes so I would get the itchy welts. I actually forgot I had it on because it was so comfortable that I didn't feel it. After a few hours I saw it, realized it wasn't bothering me at all, and it was still well stuck to my skin. So I pulled it off. It came off easily and there was no redness, swelling or itching.I tried a couple other brands again after that, but wasn't as happy with them. So now this is the only brand I will buy. I also have a couple ACE bandages (Comprilan compression bandage) from this same manufacturer, BSN. I like them better than any other brand of compression bandage, including the ACE brand. 5Best band-aid, hands downThis is the best band-aid I ever used. I've only occasionally had it offered, notably at the VA and at Yale School of Medicine. The gauze pad is thicker than others, the adhesive is effective in sticking to what it is supposed to stick to, while not sticking too much when it;s time for removal.These bandages are more water-resistant too, which is a plus in the event that daily changes are not necessary. Because I am so pleased with these bandages, I've become a sort of Johnny Appleseed, recommending and offering them to spouse, kids, and other family and friends. Nothing to not like about this product, in my opinion. 5Would Buy AgainI was looking for a bit smaller bandage but these work great. The are packaged with markings to show where to cut if you don t need a 3 wide bandage. We cut them in half and they worked great. They stick where they are supposed to and not where they aren t.My skin seemed to be less sensitive to the adhesive on these bandages but after a few days of use a slight redness did develop on the skin where the adhesive was applied. 5Best Bandages ... nothing compares.You can't beat Coverlet for bandages. For year, I used the usual name brand bandages, and every time I went for a blood test, my doctor used these bandages that stuck like iron. A few years ago I bought a box of these, and have never bothered with any other brand...2x3", 1x3, 4x2 3/4", large digit...I have them all. I'm always in the garage doing something, so nicks and scratches are common, and I keep these close at hand.The glue sticks well, hold up under water too. Need to be careful if they do get wet because they hold moisture, and the skin will turn into a prune under the adhesive. Pad does not stick to wounds. And yes, do do take the hair off with them. Ouchless on the wound, hair, not so much. 5So Good The Doctors Use ItEver notice how the bandages your doctor uses are always better than the kind you buy for yourself? They are made of fabric, they stick to your skin without curling or separating away from it, and they're breathably comfortable. When my doctor used this on me, I decided that I had had enough of bad bandages and ordered some for myself. They are a breathable cloth with a telfa gauze that won't stick to your wound, and they stick to your skin and to any bandage section they are touching if, say, you're wrapping it around a finger.The fact that they aren't a typical mass market brand name is also cool -- people think I'm in the medical industry because I have these. But the really cool thing is that they work far better than anything I can get in a typical pharmacy or drug store. 5
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