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  • Health From The Sun MigraSoothe Roll-On, 1 Count (formerly My-Grastick)
  • Health From The Sun MigraSoothe Roll-On, 1 Count (formerly My-Grastick)

Health From The Sun

Health From The Sun MigraSoothe Roll-On, 1 Count (formerly My-Grastick)

Health From The Sun

Health From The Sun MigraSoothe Roll-On, 1 Count (formerly My-Grastick)

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Contains peppermint oil that helps in reducing muscle and joint pains
  • Lavender oil can help promote a relaxing feeling
  • Alleviate headaches and ease stress
  • Roll-on stick can be helpful for people who suffer severe migraine headaches
  • Contains sedating oils that can help in improving sleeping patterns
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Customer Reviews

RelaxingI think customers might be confused about how migrastick works. It does not stop a headache, however, the oils are very cool and soothing and so is the smell. This may help you to relax a bit amidst all the pain. This is my 5th tube. I have one by my bed, in the living room , in my car and in my purse. Works best with your pain medicine and a nap. I roll it across my forehead, an on the side of my temples. It does burn your eyes if you get it too close. Prayers for everyone with migraines. There are no adequate words to explain what we go through.5LOVE THIS PRODUCTI suffer terribly from migraines. I have a prescription medication that I can take when I get one but it makes me drowsy and I don t like taking meds all the time. Migrastick (migrasooth) has been so great. It doesn t always cure the migraine but if I rub it on my forehead, temples and back of my neck when I feel one coming on it definitely helps. I own 2 of them usually at all times. I keep one in my purse and one at work. The packaging may be different but it s the same product. Definitely recommend for people that prefer an alternative to taking medication5NOT Mygrastick anymore - now MIGRASOOTHEI loved the Mygrastick, but I couldn t seem it find it with Amazon Prime anymore. This product was from the same company, so I went ahead and ordered it thinking it was renamed or a newer version. (It seems like this was previously Mygrastick judging from the review names)For the original Mygrastick - I would have given it 5 stars (maybe 4 due to the price point). Yes it was expensive. However, it was a stellar product. The cooling and soothing sensation was very strong. You did have to be careful not to let it near the eyes, but I still loved it.The migrasoothe doesn t have nearly the same effect. There is some cooling effect, but not with nearly the same efficacy as the original Mygrastick (although it costs less now). I m not sure if it s diluted because people complained about the strength of Mygrastick or if the company s trying to save on costs. Either way, the quality of this product is significantly reduced from the original. If you want a minor cooling sensation, this works. However, I d much prefer the original Mygrastick. (If the production company is reading this, please contact me if you have any of the original product. I loved it!)3Great to have on handMy son likes to have these on hand. It does not prevent migraines or magically make them disappear. What it does, for some, is make it a bit more manageable. He gets mild to very severe migraines frequently, but these can help him sometimes manage the pain to get through work, or just to get through the day. For really severe migraines, it wont do much. Soothing scent, feels cool when applied.4LOVE MYGRASTICK!I love the MYGRASTICK! It helps stop a headache in its tracks if I apply it when the pain first starts. I roll it at my temples, at the top of my forehead, and at the base of my neck (just under the hairline). It also helps to keep me awake if I am driving. Love this product!I cannot keep enough of these around, as I am always handing it to someone with a headache--and they like it so well that I end up giving it to them! One time I had the flu, and couldn't keep anything down. My head hurt so bad--this took care of the pain when meds would just come back up. It has peppermint and lavender essential oils, along with some other things.5Very impressedI have been getting migraines every day now I think due to sinuses. I was actually surprised this worked as well as it did. For me it was temporary lasted I'd say 3 or so hours. Had a cooling effect to areas applied and even helped clear my sinuses out bc when first applied it's very strong smelling. Worked great for me and that was without taking any migraine medication. Definitely recommend you try especially for sinus migraines.5Great for tension headaches with nauseaThis stuff is great for my tension headaches. My headaches typically have a nausea component, as well as trigger points in the brow, neck, and temples. It provides some topical relief on those trigger points; you can also use the roller-ball applicator to massage the trigger points, but typically by the time I'm using this stuff mine are too sensitive to do much of that. I find the smell very pleasant -- it's strongly minty, but doesn't smell medicinal like muscle rub. The peppermint scent also helps with the nausea. I've tried making my own version of this item using peppermint and lavender essential oils in jojoba oil as a carrier; but I either don't have the proportions right, or, quite likely, it doesn't work as well because the original product contains isopropyl myristate which apparently helps it absorb into the skin. Furthermore, the little vials are really convenient and I love having one at home and one to carry around with me.5Truly helps with migraines.I get bad migraine headaches. A sympathetic friend gave me this as part of a "kit" of things to try when I get them. I liked it enough that when it ran out, I bought another one. I roll it on the back of my neck and after a few minutes, it definitely feels like it diminishes my migraine pain. (I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars because nothing, unfortunately, makes the pain completely go away but medication). Nice peppermint scent. I'd buy again.5OkayI get migraines sometimes. This helps about as much as a ice pack and so it would be nice if you have to push through something that you can't use an ice pack for like going to work or whatever. When I did have a migraine and used it, I also used pain meds and other things and I was still not functional. It is a tool to help and it might help take the edge but you will need more than just this. I will probably always keep one in my medicine cabinet though. Every little bit helps.4Improves the situation, but doesn't fix it.This doesn't help when you have a full blown migraine, but it does when there is a slight one.It smells pretty good too which is nice on those days I roll it all over the back of my neck and on the side of my nose that is plugged. I think it does leave your skin a bit red in the more sensitive skin areas, but I worry more about how I feel over how I look so I don't have an issue with this.I should add that I have never used migraine medication and that most of my bad migraines go away with an Advil and a solid amount of sleeping. I have a friend who ends up in hospitals because of migraines. I don't think this product would be of any use for her.4
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