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Hycosan Extra


Hycosan Extra

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • New Hycosan Extra contains 0.2% Hyaluronic Acid and is suitable for more severe cases of dry eye.
  • Hycosan Extra is preservative free and can be used with all contact lenses.
  • Still presented in the unique patented delivery system, Hycosan Extra is the latest edition to the Hycosan range of products
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Works well with contacts: lubricates the eyes and keeps the moisture in.This was recommended in a review for another product (a saline version compatible with contacts); it is also compatible with contacts. This product is fantastic. It is actually helping my eyes, adding and retaining moisture. It has hyaluronic acid which does just that: retains moisture. My eyes feel loved! Can t say enough about this product and it s the only thing I use now, both with and without my contacts.5Preservative free. Easy to dispense. Here's how.I use Hycosan products regularly and ordered Hycosan Extra from this seller because of low price. This drop dispensing system keeps the product hygienic, and allows formulation without preservative, which is important to me. Contrary to some reviews it is easy to dispense. With one hand, I hold the bottle with forefinger and thumb around the neck, middle fingers around the barrel, and push the plunger with the crooked little finger. I rest the knuckle of my forefinger against my eyebrow to prevent movement of the bottle, and this provides a tactile guide to position the dropper so the drop goes where you want it. The other hand is free to hold an eyelid open if needed. NO need for two hands, a mirror, or any risk of movement while pressing.5Use these eyedrops - they absolutely work.Dry eyes have been bothering me for years, getting increasingly bad enough that the dryness wakes me up in the middle of the night, and I'm also increasingly concerned about possible damage caused by the abrasion that happens when dry eyes are rubbing around the inside of your eyelids.I ordered the Hycosan drops after reading the reviews and details about how these drops are completely different than the brands you buy at the drug store. So glad I did. Tried them for the first time before bed last night. These are the first and only eyedrops I've found that don't immediately make my eyes feel even MORE gritty after using them. The drops simply made my eyes feel moist - and that's it. I woke up the next morning feeling at least a 50% improvement, my dry eyes didn't wake me up in the middle of the night for the first time in over a year, and my eyes felt much more clear this morning (I didn't need to flood them with the old eyedrops and then spend 5 minutes washing and rubbing out the gritty feeling).For almost two years, I've gone through every non-prescription eye-drop with the same result: The drops actually made my eyes feel worse - with a few seconds of moisture relief, followed by a half-hour of trying to rub the gritty sandpaper feeling out of my eyes. I also didn't want to try a prescription medication, because the list of possible side-effects (and cost, and the inconvenience of going to the doctor) are a big turn-off. I thought avoiding the eyedrops with preservatives was all I needed to worry about, but in my searches I found reference to something that seems so simple and obvious now, I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner: Many people are sensitive to chemicals. If you get really dry hands when you touch dish-soap, or have unusual reactions to cleaning products or scented sprays or candles, then chances are your eyes will react to chemicals in standard eyedrops. Turns out, I think that was my problem. That gritty sand paper feeling I got immediately after using the old eyedrops is most likely a form of reaction to whatever that standard chemical is. I have had no such reaction to these drops.Highly recommended. I only wish the product were easier to get in the US, but it just took a couple weeks to arrive from overseas. This is also the main reason the price is a bit higher - but you'll forget all about the extra few bucks after using them.UPDATE: It's been over 4 months since I ordered these drops, and I've already ordered another couple of them. My dry-eye problems are almost a non-issue now. I just use the drops before bed (and actually have forgotten a few times -- but didn't experience any discomfort or major symptoms), and then again when I wake up. That's it. Eyes feel 100% now, other than a little irritation from allergies or dust from time to time - which is to say, normal.5Bad bottle designI really like how this product feels in my eyes but like many other reviewers, I'm frustrated with this bottle. It takes me about 6 tries just to get one drop into each eye which is wasting a lot of product. It's just too difficult coordinating the release of the drops at the same time as holding my eyes open. Plus, some of the drops come out as a spurted stream and some as half drops. I don't have these problems with traditional bottles or droppers so unless this company changes the situation that means I'll have to look for another brand in the future which is a bummer because these drops are really soothing.3Hycisab EXTRA WITH HYALURRIC ACID - NOT FOR MEI use Hycosan and like the product. I have very very dry eye syndrome from Laser surgery gone bad. I produce very little tears and it's a misery so I tried this. It's supposed to have hyalurric acid and hold moisture better but while it feels good at first, it irritates my eyes. I just can't use this one.Good company, good products, I like the delivery system for preservative free without the damn vials. But this is irritating for me.2heals eye surfaceMy doctor states that the active ingredient doesn't just treat dry eye, it heals the eye surface. The unique bottle is so structured to allow a bottle (as opposed to expensive vials) to be preservative free, and this includes the bottle being opaque to protect it from light. Eye Solutions does not charge the stated shipping price for one bottle for multiples so it is cheaper to buy more than one bottle at a time. I am happy with the service and amazed by the product, from the UK where insurance companies do not rule!5Have switched to this brand and a few others from GermanyI use this and a couple of similar brands from Germany. They all have similar ingredients. I can say for a fact that these and a gel I bought here on Amazon have the big box stores brands beat. My eyes haven t felt this good in about 15 years. The cataract surgeon wouldn t operate on me because too dry. I can t wait to go back and see what she says!5Great Solution for Dry Eyes!!Have tried many ways to treat my dry eyes over the past two years. Nothing works like these drops! I've been using a drop in each eye whenever I felt the need, but especially before bed and first thing in the morning. No more gravel feeling or stinging in eyes. This is my fifth day and I believe that my eyes are healing too. I seem to have more tears available. I just ordered my second bottle. (I am also taking one tablespoon of NOW oral hyaluronic acid liquid each morning.)5Relief For Dry Eyes (Update Added)I began using these drops as soon as they arrived (in about 10 days after order was placed). I've experienced a lot of discomfort from dry eyes for years and haven't really found many helpful remedies. With this product, in addition to Hylavision brand capsules (also available on Amazon), I've finally found relief.It's wonderful to see clearly, without visual fatigue occurring by the middle of the day. I'm not certain how many total drops are in the dispenser, but there appears to be a generous amount of solution and the application process is pretty foolproof.Generally, my eyes are also very sensitive and I was hesitant about irritation, but that's not been a problem. I'd recommend Hycosan Extra to anyone plagued by severe dry eyes.Update: unfortunately, after posting the above review, I began experiencing eye discomfort; burning, blurred vision and pain. The symptoms worsened quickly and I stopped using Hycosan Extra. Within a couple of days, all problems resolved. However, it seems I won't be able to tolerate this formulation, so I'm back to partial relief from the Hylavision product mentioned in the earlier review above. Needless to say, this is very disappointing, but I'm leaving the 5 star rating, as the product works wonderfully so long as you don't have a sensitivity to it.5Finally a moisture drop that actually does something!If you have severe dry eye like I do, this is the one you need. Instead of living all day with painful eyes (even with using Restasis & Pataday), or constantly having to put moisture drops in, which only help for a few minutes, I only need use this 1 or 2 times a day for relief. The dispenser is large & clunky and a pain to carry in pants pocket, however, it meters the drop size and dispenses far less than the standard dropper bottle.GREAT PRODUCT!!5
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