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  • Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)
  • Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)
  • Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)
  • Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)
  • Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)
  • Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)

Special K

Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)

Special K

Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars - Office Lunch, Meal Replacement (12 Count)

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • DELICIOUSLY SUMPTUOUS - Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars are an indulgent mix of crispy rice & golden caramel chips flavored topped with a drizzle of chocolatey goodness
  • PORTABLE PROTEIN - Pack a wholesome snack on-the-go, enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up at the office, stash in your purse, desk, lunchbox or gym bag; Made with soy protein isolate
  • WHAT SNACK DREAMS ARE MADE OF - With wholesome ingredients and crave-worthy flavors, it's time to turn snacking into a multi-sensory experience
  • DESIGNED TO FUEL YOU - Nutrient-rich meal replacement or snack bar 12g protein (21%DV), 3g fiber, 4.5g fat, & 13 essential vitamins and minerals per 45g bar; Contains soy, milk, peanut, almond and wheat ingredients
  • READY TO EAT PROTEIN BARS - Package comes with one box of Special K Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bars containing 12 individually wrapped bars
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Customer Reviews

These are important for my diet, anyone's diet.Lots of protein and vitamins & minerals. I have stage 3 kidney disease and these bars offer an excellent supplement. They have several different flavors to suit your likes. I like the nutrition facts are clearly stated. I'm 83 and they are very easy to open which is a plus. I will say I didn't know whether I liked the very first bar, but I rapidly got used to them and they have become a staple in my diet. I would recommend them to anyone, especially the elderly who may not be eating well.5So, it's not a candy bar? You sure?Holy crap! I think I found possible the best bat ever. I'd rest these over a candy bar anytime. It's basically a rice crispy treat that was made with carmel instead of marshmallow. Then it's dipped in chocolate, with chocolate drizzle over the top with peanut butter chips! But it's a healthy protein bar? If you say so. I buy these now just for a treat, but the fact that it's loaded with protein and other good stuff makes it a win win. (Ugh, cheesy line lol to the point, if you need protein, this is the best tasting way I've found other than a porterhouse. I've tried a lot of bars, these are way above my 2nd place. And I thought that one from the Valley was good. Now I know what Mr. Kellogg wanted to accomplish with the invention of cereal, but the way these taste, I think he's about to fail 5Something in these makes me more hungry after I eat one then I was before I ate itOk, first off- packaging and shipment was A+, box was in great shape and arrived on time with all bars accounted for. As for taste...I got the strawberry and other reviewers were spot on when they described it as "delicious sand". It tastes an awful lot like if you were to mix compacted beach sand in with strawberry kool aid flavoring. The texture is 100% like wet sand, I swear to you! Having said that, it's not half bad as far as protein bars go. There's NO absolutely disgusting ipecac syrup type aftertaste with these bars-which I have unfortunately experienced with some other protein bars (my guess is the raw nutrients in these protein bars tastes like c*** so the company adds the same super sweet chemical to balance it out that they add to ipecac syrup). Anyway, no ipecac syrup aftertaste to these bars.Nutritionally, these have way too much sugar and not enough protein, to the point that it nullifies the alleged health benefits and makes it a non viable meal replacement plan for middle aged people trying to watch their weight.The most curious aspect of these bars as compared to some of the other protein bars on amazon that I have tried is how I always become MORE hungry after eating one of these things than I was before I ate it. Like maybe it has the opposite of an appetite suppressant in it. It's the strangest thing. Either there's some sort of appetite stimulant in these bars or I'm just going crazy. Either way, I will not be repurchasing these and am still on the hunt for a good meal replacement bar. I'll likely settle for a meal replacement drink as they seem overall more nutritious.2Not fresh. Texture and Flavor not same as when purchased at a grocery store.I ve liked these bars for several years now. Because my local store no longer carries the meal bars, I ve ordered twice now from Amazon. Bars came is worn/partially opened boxes The bars look aged although the expiration date is nine months away. I m guessing they are not stored well at Amazon.2Filling but hard to chewThe flavor is great, but it's a little too thick and chewy for my liking. I have a jaw that's out of alignment so something that requires a lot of tough chewing like this isn't very enjoyable. The frosted outside tends to crumble and "dust" my surroundings. On the upside, it is adequately filling and gets me through the morning!3THE BEST PROTEIN BARS!These are great protein bars. They keep you full for a long time with all the protein and fiber they contain and also taste really good. I split it in half and eat the other half a couple hours later when I am working, and it is very difficult to keep from eating the whole thing. I am also happy that they do not contain any sugar alcohols like many of the other brand protein bars do. I have a bad stomach reaction to sugar alcohols, even in sugar-free gum over time. The price is also fair considering there are 12 bars per box. An additional benefit is that they contain many vitamins. I highly recommend these.5Awesome flavor... could eat the whole box :)I really love these bars as they don't taste like protein powder at all. Rather, it tastes more like yogurt berries with a bit of crunch added (like cereal). The combination is quite enjoyable as this reminds me of eating that Special-K cereal with dried strawberries inside. The only gripe I have with this bar is that it is relatively small, pricey, and not all that filling. I generally have to have 2 to be satisfied. Also, it's interesting how this product is labeled as a "Strawberry" bar yet the ingredients say strawberry flavored fruit pieces that are made with cranberries with a strawberry flavoring. It seems fairly chemical so I am not sure how safe is it to eat multiple in one sitting (it is also fairly sweet if you have 2+ bars at one time - given that one bar has 14g of sugar, x2 = 28g, which is almost like having a can of soda).3Discolored and Thin ChocolateNot sure what s going on with these bars. I ve ordered them dozens of times. But, the last two times, the chocolate has been discolored and thin. The first time they were delivered discolored they sent me a new box free of charge. But the second box was worse than the first. Did something change in the recipe?1Taste best if microwaved. You will need a drink with these.I initially did not like the taste of these special k protein meal bars. They seem dry and hard. You will need a drink while eating them. Some reviewers say that it taste sweet. It does not taste sweet to me, but I never tried protein bars before just candy bars. I intended to stop buying these after the first box, because they are dry, hard, and I feel like they are overpriced. But I found myself craving them and I m now on my 4th box. I find putting them in the microwave for 5 seconds makes them taste way better.3Great for mid afternoon or pre/post gym or workout.First off, the price. If you get these from Wal-Mart you are going to pay the same price. If you sign up for Amazon Subscribe and Pay they will be cheaper.I've tried a lot of different protein bars and most of them taste horrible or are full of other fillers. These bars are not. I usually have one of these late in the day before going to the gym or when I need to eat something small to get me through to the next meal. It sure beats heading to the snack bar and getting a candy bar. I know people who use these as a meal replacement. This doesn't work for me.Comparing to a similar sized Snickers, this bar has less calories, less fat, less cholesterol, and less carbohydrates. The protein bar has more sodium and more protein.Downside, don't leave them in your car in the summer, they melt into a mess. But if this happens, just throw it in the fridge for a while. It will look weird, but taste just as good.5
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