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  • MRM - Veggie Elite 1 lb Vanilla Bean 1 lb
  • MRM - Veggie Elite 1 lb Vanilla Bean 1 lb
  • MRM - Veggie Elite 1 lb Vanilla Bean 1 lb


MRM - Veggie Elite 1 lb Vanilla Bean 1 lb


MRM - Veggie Elite 1 lb Vanilla Bean 1 lb

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • MRM solves the age-old problem of plant source failing to provide adequate protein intake and eliminates the need for excessive consumption of vegetables in the diet to achieve adequate intake.
  • MRM Veggie Elite is ideal for anyone, from athletes at any level to those who follow a strict plant-based diet regimen, especially those who are unable to tolerate egg, milk, or soy proteins due to allergies or undesirable gastrointestinal side effects.
  • No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners & 24 Grams of Complete Protein & Flavorful when alternative to support demands of athletic performance & Allergen-free, gluten free,cholestrol free & Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.
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Like trying to swallow sand. Worst veg protein powder ever.I tried preparing this protein powder several different ways - blended with water, with soymilk, with almond-coconut milk, with lots of ice, letting it sit blended with double the amount of water in the refrigerator overnight to hopefully hydrate it...Nothing I've done makes this powder even remotely edible/drinkable. It is like trying to drink sandy water, no matter what I do to it. It feels like scratchy, grating, hard, pasty, chalky particles scraping down your throat when you drink it, no matter how diluted it is.I have IBD (ulcerative colitis) and found that trying to live off of whey based protein powder during a flareup was unsustainable, as it broke me out horribly, made my stomach ache and messed with my hormones. Also...cow milk is gross. So I tried the pre-mixed Vega+ and it was pretty good, not the best flavor but relatively palatable and pretty smooth. Plus it didn't make me break out and feel worse.However, Vega+ is expensive (like most higher-end protein drinks whether vegan or whey), so I wanted to try an alternative to save some money. This powder is NOT it. I have to believe that the positive reviews for this powder are either fake, or these people have the weirdest, most tolerant palates on the planet and regularly chew on bentonite clay for fun. I love really hearty, rough, chewy, funky and bitter things like long-fermented sour whole grains, natto, kimchi, wood ear mushrooms, etc. but I absolutely cannot drink this horrible sand water! 1How Does it Taste?This review is strictly based on taste. I'm about to complete my first year as a successful vegetarian (1 more month to go!). Although I feel perfectly fine, better than ever actually, I have started to think I should look into supplements to ensure that I'm getting everything I need. So I started to look into things like this protein shake. I've never had one of these before, so all I can really comment on is taste.So how does it taste? Not bad....but not great either. I can tell that it's an acquired taste, so I'm guessing that I'll get used to it and then start saying "this taste pretty good". Having had zero experience in these sorts of things, I can tell you that it tastes a bit chalky (for lack of a better word). Maybe i didn't use enough water? Not sure, I just eyeballed 8-12 oz of water. It might taste better warm even, like a hot chocolate type of thing. I'm going to have to experiment a bit, but honestly it does not taste bad at all. It's just kind of odd and will take a little getting used to. 4Try it nowEdit: I really do wonder if everyone that hates the flavor on here perhaps got a bad batch? Everyone I have given to in real life likes it a lot as well as I do. So it's really perplexing how many people claim to hate it so much here.------Omg. I need to come back and make an extensive review of this product because I recommend it to EVERYONE. I have tried so many products (I am a personal trainer) and have an extensive amount of knowledge about health and nutrition. Not only does this protein powder pass all my health requirements but it tastes super delicious!!! You HAVE to try it. In fact if you go to the seller's website you can get free samples by just paying shipping (I did that first and fully recommend it).I swear, I don't work for them haha. I just really have fallen in love with their products and guiltlessly indulge on this protein powder. I don't even typically like coffe products persay neither but this is great. 5AMAZING TASTE AND TEXTURE!Oh my god. This protein powder tastes amazing. I've been a vegetarian for a while and only recently finally decided to make the transition to veganism. The whole time I was a vegetarian I kept taking the leading brand of whey protein, which was making me bloat/feel extremely sick afterward.I got this in the vanilla flavor. And I have never tasted a whey protein as good as this. Unlike most people, I like the gritty texture of plant proteins, which is barely detectable in this one, which I'm sure most people transitioning from whey protein will appreciate. What's more, I feel amazing after drinking this no matter how fast I drink it, which has not been my experience with whey protein in the past. Have I mentioned that the flavor is amazing yet? I have to stop myself from chugging the whole bottle every time I make it. Happy gains! 5Really good complete vegan protein optionOk! I have to address the taste first thing, because I feel that is what keeps people from buying this powder. It is not my favorite thing I have ever tasted, but it is growing on me. I mix with a cup of unsweetened almond milk, some matcha tea powder, and some cinnamon. I can't have whey, so I HAVE to buy vegan. I know that there are a lot of Whey protein powders that have a much favorable taste, but I believe that is just what you get with vegan protein powders. Yes stevia does have a distinct flavor, but it is the most natural sweetener that can be used and keep the protein powder low in carbs. Sure they could add sugar and taste enhancers, but then it wouldn't really fit into a "training" program, which is why a lot of people use these protein powders. I am in a fitness training program right now and this powder could not be better as far as the protein and carb ratio. I am really happy to have found this product, because it fits so nicely with my nutritional needs. Again, it is not the best thing I have ever tasted, but those tasty things aren't always the best nutritionally for you. 4I'm a huge cinnamon roll/cinnamon bun fan when it comes to flavors and this does not disappoint. If you're just mixing it with wIf you're looking for a delicious protein made without strange chemicals or additives, this is it! I'm a huge cinnamon roll/cinnamon bun fan when it comes to flavors and this does not disappoint. If you're just mixing it with water, you'll get a less-homogenous texture than with a whey/casein blend but this stuff isn't made with crap. I use a scoop of this with some puffed wheat cereal and a splash of nut milk and it is so satisfying! I honestly think this protein is perfectly sweet, not too much that it tastes artificial and not too little so that it tastes gritty. Well-done MRM! You've just earned a return customer. 5tastes good, but chalky textureit is like the powder doesn't fully dissolve, leaving a somewhat chalky texture. I bought the vanilla, which does taste good (not great but good/acceptable). The first week or so I mixed just this with unflavored almond milk. After about a week I started putting strawberries and/or pineapple into it as well. I did get used to the texture/chalkiness of this powder after 5 or 6 days. It is an okay flavor. I'm not sure yet if I will try the chocolate next time or try another brand, or go ahead and re-do this brand/flavor (I love vanilla flavored beverages by the way). I've been using it for 2 or 3 weeks at this point on almost every morning for breakfast after my morning workout. I do like the nutrition label and ingredients list on this powder. 3Tasty, Effective, and Inexpensive!This stuff is great. As one who is very sensitive to dairy products, traditional whey protein powder was simply not an option. I spent some time researching the best alternatives and this is what came up. I have not been disappointed. It's delicious (the chocolate moca) and I feel fantastic when I take it. Usually I take two cups a day (morning/evening). My energy is improved, focus is better and it has even upped my libido. Been taking it almost everyday for a year now. Give it a try. Even if you don't work out, it makes for a great dietary supplement. 5/5 stars. 5THE Best. All of it.So. I have Crohn's, which in a nutshell means that I have a hellofatime digesting nutrients (food). I'm also a vegetarian, and whey majorly upsets my stomach. I've tried ALL of the vegan protein powders out there, and MRM Veggie Elite wins hands down. BEST for price, macros, and taste. I go through about 2 (sometimes more) large size tubs of this a month (average 2-3 drinks a day). Most of the time I just shake with water or almond milk, and it's delicious. The Chocolate Mocha flavor is amazing! I generally buy vanilla though, because it's more versatile (I just add whatever spices/flavors I want. Also makes some amazing pancakes and cookies).I typically workout about 3-4 times a week, and it's always my post workout go-to. My snack go-to, my pancake 'flour' go-to, my cookie 'flour' go-to, and not ONCE has it ever upset my stomach! Which is amazing when almost EVERYTHING does! Thank you MRM for making such a delicious and versatile, quality vegan product. You have a customer for life.PS. I've been using MRM Veggie Elite for the last 4 years. No complaints. 5Great vegan protein powder with a decent tasteSo far so good with this protein powder. It tastes like a protein powder is expected to taste, but I would rate it as one of the better powders I've tried (among around 15 different brands/varieties). The gut enzyme blend must be effective in this formula because I haven't had any stomach upsetness or gas while drinking this in the morning time post-workout, so I'm extremely pleased with that aspect.All in all, I would definitely recommend this as a vegan protein powder alternative to the popular non-vegan styles and brands. It's definitely one of the better-flavored powders I've tried and the powder definitely gets the job done. At a fairly reasonable price, this protein powder should top anybody's list.Here's hoping they keep the formula the same throughout their product line, instead of changing things up like other companies have in the past where they end up ruining what once was a good product (Garden of Life RAW, et al). 4
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