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  • Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb
  • Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb
  • Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb
  • Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb
  • Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb
  • Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb
  • Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb

Pure Natural Miracles

Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb

Pure Natural Miracles

Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from Superior Cocoa Beans 2 lb

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Premium Peruvian Criollo Cacao Nibs Raw Organic from superior quality peeled cocoa beans; exquisite aroma, flavor and taste; these natures sugar free dark chocolate chips; best superfood for anti aging
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Non roasted; free from impurities; nutrient dense, high in flavonoids, polyphenols, flavanols, epicatechins, minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium
  • Highest Source of Antioxidants, theobromine, quick dairy free food for overall health; mood enhancer, feel good, maintains energy levels all day unlike the dreaded caffeine crash
  • Versatile Kitchen Ingredient; mix these cocoa nibs raw organic in baked goods; snacks bars, blend in smoothies, shakes, baking, desserts, ice cream, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, green drinks or sprinkle on salads
  • Natural Anandamide; Miracle Supplement with antioxidant support for anxiety, stress; benefits men, women, seniors and even kids; add to your daily diet for a low carb, paleo, keto friendly, jitter free healthiest energy boost; manufacturers satisfaction guaranteed
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Heavenly taste!Recently my sister introduced me to these nibs which I never knew existed. I immediately ordered them. I keep them in a small jar and take a pinch at a time. Love the flavor. I haven't tried them on anything else yet because I just want to enjoy their own taste. Ok. I may have strange taste buds, but when I do get my kombucha in full swing, I may try a chocolate nibs and ginger kombucha. So sorry I did not try them sooner. I thought they were some kind of small chocolate chip which they are not.5I like this brand of nibs.This is a great brand of nibs. I use them for snacking on my diet. The first time I tried unsweetened cacao nibs I did not like the bitter taste, but I found myself going back and trying them a few more times, and now I really like them. I only found a few pieces of shells and hulls in my first bag - much less than some other brands I tried. A couple of pieces still had the fermented taste from the processing, but again, much less than with other brands. I'm making another order today because my hysband has discovered them, too.5Great snack or bakingThese raw cocoa nibs are fantastic. They are fresh and have a rich chocolate aroma. I enjoy snacking on them raw for a little chocolatey treat without the sugar. I also grind them up and use them like baking cocoa in recipes. I recently made a chocolate cake for my daughters birthday and they were the star. The cake had a rich flavor and I controlled the amount of cocoa in the cake.This is my honest review of this product. I purchased this product with no discounts. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer or any known employees.5Holy Cow, he loves them and so do II don't know how anyone who loves chocolate could not appreciate Cacao Nibs. We love them. My husband has fallen so in love with them that he actually request I add these to his "goodies" instead of the one we all grew up on. That blew me away as he is a die-hard dark chocolate freak! I never thought I'd hear him say that. I've gotten him to eat out of the bag as a "pick me up" and I know I'm feeding him really GOOD stuff! I will not stop the nibs and will keep purchasing these for as long as I'm able.I'd like to add more. The people here are delightful to work with. I even got a reciepe from her. I have one to share w/her but I don't know how to do that through Amazon.5Really deliciousThese are really delicious, but full disclosure- I am a maniac for bitter earthy flavors. These are extremely earthy and in my opinion need to be put in something like pancakes or a shake but they are such a unique amazing flavor. There is also a real energy boost here too I wouldn't eat these late at night the theobromine is a lot like caffeine. Update- I have since purchased and sampled several different brands of raw cacao nibs- its like night and day comparing this brand to every single other brand I've tried- these blow away all the others. This brand was the first I tried but after seeing what else is out there I can now fully appreciate how amazing these are. First the Pure Natural Miracles brand are all very uniform in size- a lot of brands have random huge chunks of cacao which can be more annoying than you would think. The color is the next thing- these have all very very dark pieces- the nibs range from extremely dark black to almost almost purple in some cases but you see in a lot of brands very light almost white chunks thrown in and the color tends to vary from dark brown to light brown. I'm not sure why but the lighter chunks tend to be very hard as well- this can borderline ruin something you put them in as it really sucks chomping down on little rock hard nibs. Most importantly the flavor and the smell are not even comparable between this and the other brands I've tried. When you open a bag of these you get hit in the face with an intense cacao smell- its almost a red wine/liquor-esque smell but it is extremely intense and the flavor matches the smell. I was very very surprised by pretty much every other brand I tried- they all were completely flat smelling and had almost no flavor. Most of them had a kind of dull almost cardboard smell. To conclude this product is of extremely high quality even though I didn't realize it when I first bought them- I don't even bother with other brands anymore this is where the bar has been set.5Like eating bits of barkIf you like chewing on bits of tree bark then yes, this is the product for you! If your child has a diorama project and needs tiny mulch, this is the product for you! If you are looking for edible, keto friendly chocolate-like bits to make delicious snacks, keep searching, as this is not the product for you.1Oh ... my ... GOD ... These are UNBELIEVABLE!!These BLOW MY MIND everytime i eat them. They are on the next level, they taste AMAZING!!!!!!!!My body crave's this stuff, once i start eating the little cacao nibs in my cup, i can feel that my body NEEDS it!I have, prior to this, opted for 2 lesser price'd options for cacao nibs, both sunfood and healthworks, and i thought i was doing good and saving a ton of money, but once my tax return showed up i had to try PNM brand, the price is so much higher and i thought there was something to that, oh man was i suprised, and still am at how much of a difference there is between this product and the competition out there - it is absolutely worth every penny of a difference, DO NOT BUY THE CHEAPER CACAO NIBS PRODUCTS OUT THERE - ORGANIC OR NOT- this is what you want!i cannot believe the quality, i am seriously amazed everytime i sit down and eat these, and i eat them everyday an ounce everyday, somedays i eat two oucnes or more! i cant help myself, they taste absolutely AMAZING.I'm not kidding, this product is phenomenal - and the price is not that high considering, about $28 bucks and you get a whole months worth if you eat just 1 ounce per. day.i will not go a single day without eating an oucne of this product, i am a customer for life and that will NEVER change ( unless you change your formula and/or sourcing and QC ) - your product is absolutely PERFECT the way it is, please never change that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cannot believe how great this stuff is...everybody needs to be eating these, and the telling you, i didnt have a favorite food before but this tops the charts and now is my favorite #1 food in the entire takes a lot for me to say something like that, so take it from me, this product is absolutely A1 and will change the way you enjoy chocolate FOR - EVER.Hands down, the best cacao nibs on the market - you will NOT find anything close to the quality and consistency and flavor/taste of these cacao nibs. There is absolutely no comparison with these cacao nibs and any other cacao nibs product out there..dont believe me? try it yourself, these are truly amazing!LOVE LOVE LOVE !5Horrid taste - sorryI eat pretty healthy. I like things that taste earthy and I don't like much sweetness. I thought these would be great. I tried them and it is horribly bitter. I was like dirty with a bit of cocoa. I believe the product is great and pure. It just tastes horrid. Since there are not returns, I will try to find some way to use it. I will be going back to carob powder for sure. I also will have to grind this up as I see someone broke a tooth and I just can't even risk a trip to the dentist.2They taste terribleI bought them because I was told to find "raw, unheated" cacoa for health benefits.One reviewer wrote: "they are slightly bitter, but they are sooooo chocolatey!" .... Yeah, well NOT SO MUCH. I feel bad for disagreeing with so many reviewers, but these "nibs" taste terrible - kind of like tree bark, bugs, and essence of chocolate sprinkled in.I am trying hard to eat a tablespoon daily as suggested. Whether I make it through the entire bag is yet to be seen.3The best raw cocoa in AmazonI read all the negative reviews and none of them make sense. They are either written by people that expect too much of good taste from raw cocoa or people who don't know what they are talking about. If you are after health benefits then you must sacrifice the taste a little bit and this is not the fault of the product. I am 100% happy with the product and will order again soon and I highly recommend it.5
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