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  • Reusable Portable Male Comfort Fit Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Collection Bag

Advantage Urinal Systems

Reusable Portable Male Comfort Fit Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Collection Bag

Advantage Urinal Systems

Reusable Portable Male Comfort Fit Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Collection Bag

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • COMPLETELY REDESIGNED now comes with ability to replace the collection bag (see product description)This new bag is the best we've ever made. Thicker than most other collection bags, double sealed, kink resistant tubing, new bed hanger, faster draining, SO MANY IMPROVEMENTS
  • HOW IT WORKS: Urine rapidly drains from the urinal through our kink resistant tubing into a 2-liter collection bag leaving the urinal empty and ready for the next use
  • WHY IT WORKS: We designed this system to help you and your caregiver stay in bed at night promoting better sleep and independence, reducing falls and spills, caregiver burnout, odor and brief use
  • WHO IT WORKS FOR: Wonderful for continent people with mobility disorders, urinary frequency, post operations, have difficulty ambulating to bathroom, Etc. Also great for traveling and camping.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: This System includes 1 Replaceable collection bag and 1 COMFORT MALE FIT urinal. This model is portable, Re-useable, easy to clean. Unique padded rim creates a better seal and increased comfort as compared to typical urinals
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Fill it upAbsolutely the best urinal I have encountered in 15yrs. Being in the medical field, I see tons of devices and this by far is the best urinal device I've seen. Fill it up, grab the plastic handle on top of bag, flip the plastic tab and release waste (without any mess). Use mouthwash to clean and it's ready again. A must have device for bed bound patients. Just remember the tab to release flips "UP"......(if you were to push down or break this tab, be prepared for flooding). 5Best urinal ever!I am a registered nurse and I recently had to take my father in law into our home after he suffered a stroke. We used this urinal for the first time last night and I have to say I LOVE IT! The rim of the urinal is covered with a very thoughtful soft foam for comfort. One side of the urinal is flat so it lays perfectly on the bed when in use. The shape of the urinal is funnel like at the bottom so when you lift it up the urine drains swiftly and the urinal is left clean. I wish I had these at the hospital. I went from waking up every hour to help him to only having to wake up every 4 hours and he didn't even have to wear a diaper last night. So so so good! This urinal is awesome! 5Dad says it s great!Update:This continues to be a wonderful product. My father has been using it for months now and though you will need to replace the product occasionally when the leaks start, it is worth every penny. We keep the bag part in a small bucket by the bed at night. This eliminates leak worries and also makes for an easy trip to the bathroom in the morning. -My 89 year old father has only had this for a week or so but so far he loves it! He has limited mobility so he can t get out of bed at night. He was using a urinal bottle and dumping it into a larger container at night. This involved a lot of maneuvering and was a real pain for my mother in the morning. Now he says he is sleeping better, he stays warm under the covers all night, and my mother is just carrying an enclosed bag to the bathroom in the morning rather than a large, sloshing container. So much more sanitary too! Also, he has weakness in his right hand due to stroke but has no problem with this. Early days but so far it s been wonderful! 5This really works as stated!My 80+ year old father suddenly found himself with bursitis, unable to walk and prostrate problem. I brought him home to stay with me and found the smell in his space overwhelming, not to mention he kept missing the urinal cup and wetting his clothing. I looked everywhere and then found this on Amazon. I decided for 33 bucks we had not much to lose. Thank you to the inventor! It is comfortable, secure, knocks the smell down to almost nothing and he no longer needs to navigate to the bathroom or hold an open cup at night. This really works, and my Dad has thanked me over and over for getting it. 5A Game Changer!I bought this product for my disabled husband (completely paralyzed on left side, some brain damage) when we lost our overnight caregiver. He was calling every hour to use the urinal and I was going a little crazy from lack of sleep. We had tried various spill proof urinals in the past with little success (Too large, need to be at a downward angle, too hard to use with only one hand, etc.).This is a wonderful product. After a brief trial run, my husband found it easy to use while lying in bed with only the use of one hand. Fluid drains very rapidly from the urinal and into the collection bag. It reduces his anxiety over someone responding quickly to his call, and gives him a bit of indepedence and privacy at night. What makes it even better, for someone with a bit of OC, is that overnight output is clearly measured on the collection bag. Emptying and cleaning the device is quite simple. I only had to use some ingenuity when attaching the collection bag to the bedside, as there are no bedrails on his adjustable bed. I bought some curtain hooks, hung them over the platform bed frame and attached the clips on the collection bag to the curtain hooks. Worked like a charm. We both highly recommend this product for others in our situation. And - I had a great night's sleep! 5Perfect solutionPerfect solution for my husband who is a 15 year stroke survivor with the use of one hand and who recently fell and broke his hip. Nighttime was dreaded because of his frequent need to visit the restroom and my need as a caregiver to get some rest. I hook the collection bag inside of a small plastic wastebasket located on the floor and place the urinal on a nonslip surface on a bedside table. My husband can easily use the urinal lying down but prefers to sit on the edge of the bed. No spills, easy and comfortable to use without the need to empty after each use. Cleaning in the morning is quick and easy - after emptying the collection bag I close the valve, add a very small amount of natural dishwashing liquid to the urinal, rinse with water, drain and repeat to remove all soap residue. It s ready for the next use - it s that simple. So wish we had known about this during my husband s 3 week hospital/rehab stay. Definitely recommend this product. My husband intends to continue using this after his recovery to reduce the risks associated with getting out of bed multiple times during the night and stumbling to the bathroom half asleep. Thank you for a product that gives him more independence and both of us a better night s sleep. 5It's terrific!This is a really handy item ! My husband has Parkinson's & related dementia, and getting him up in the middle of the night 2 or 3 times to urinate is quite a chore since he's tall & over 200 lbs & I'm short & 114 lbs. Now it's so easy to just place the receptacle, let Nature take her course, and voila! Back to bed! I 'd like to thank the person or persons who so thoughtfully designed this product, the company which produced it, and everyone else involved in the materials and process of production. I'd give it 10 stars if there were that many up there! 5Definitely Worth ItBeing in a wheelchair and having to constantly go, this is just what I needed. Before getting the Advantage System I was using a plastic hospital type urinal which can be rough around the edges, fill up rather quickly and needed to be frequently emptied and cleaned. This system offers comfort, and capacity that lasts all day long, right up to bed time. It is easily emptied and just add a little soap and water and rinse it out and it's ready to go for the next day. I highly recommend this product. 5Been Extremely Pleased with this PridcuctI bought the Comfort Fit Male Urinal here on Amazon from Advantage Urinal Systems at the end of June and as of now I have received 2 more and this company is solid to deal with. If ever there was any issue it was resolved. Larry sends you an email immediately the first time you order and checks on the satisfaction of delivery and of the device and continually checks based on your order frequency. Amy is excellent to talk to in customer service and sales and ensures that you are able ask any question and answers with expertise. This company is on the cutting edge of Urinal systems.I needed this originally to replace a Standard 1,000 ml standard close top urinal we had just purchased for more than a third of the price that did half the job and caused overflow and spillage problems. I have recently become disabled as of March 2, 2017 with a Neurological Disorder and I used to be very active and on the go. I was no longer able to walk with out assistance after this date. I became completely unable to walk April 11th,2917 and bed-bound and wheelchair bound. Bathroom trips became very difficult. I still didn't have a good solution and lots of strain to get to the bathroom in a wheelchair on my own at the time.After a fall at the end of May of 2017 on my one good leg during a neuro eval things got worse. I needed to make a plane trip to Mayo Clinic in June to further determine the cause of my disability. I had no way to use the restrooms on the plane and even though I was on Delta Medical Disability and given a seat at the front of the plane. I was not able to use the restroom because of the amount of staff it would take to get me there and the pain it would cause on my body so I held it for hours. My father who was taking care of me during my 26 days while at Mayo needed something that was able to relieve the strain on him as a caretaker to just get up and take me to the bathroom as he is getting up in age. Even as being continent, it was difficult to transfer to my wheelchair to go to the bathroom and even for just a small trip it took so much effort.Other popular urinals on the market or in hospitals don't have the ability to have the anti-reflux valve or the capacity that this unit does. 2,000 ml is 64 fluid ounces. I used to work in the health care field years ago and remember having to empty full urinals or catheter bags and what a challenge that was.This is great because it means even as I go through the day I am not worried ever about going over the limit of the Urinal. The easy release anti-reflux valve makes it such that a caregiver is able to properly dispose of urine in a safe and containable manner and flush out the system with soap and water. We normally use hot water and soap and clean the inside of the urine receptacle and the foam insert to prevent any infection.I used this Comfort Fit Male Urinal safely on the return plane trip from the MN to AL and a long day. I called it a half-Cath and it was declared as Delta agents were careful as to not mess it up and plane patrons were careful not to get near it and also had no questions because I was able to wrap the tube around my leg.The privacy and ability to discretely use this urinal system from Advantage Urinal Systems even while I am in my wheelchair and bed and even if company has arrived it as huge relief.I am now ordering these two months in advance as home health has requested and so a total of 12 a year but this year it will be a total of 15. My caretakers who take care of me for 64 hours love it and it is easy to use for my parents. The handle attaches comfortably and safely to my seizure pad on the top for easy use in the night and it attaches to the bottom of the hook on my seizure pads for proper down flow and care. I don't know what I would have done without this Urinal as far as care. It works perfectly with a bed panDon't settle for something that is a third of the price and doesn't do the job. Spend the money get it on prime and have the ability to have at least some independence back. If you are bed bound, disabled or simply unable to get up to use the bathroom and have frequent trips, get this item. You won't regret it. Great Product !!!#HalfCath is the new the way of looking at independence in urinals. 5This is truly a life saver!My dad frequently needs to urinate at night, like many elderly men. It became worse after he fell at the beginning of the year. Every time he urinates, someone has to get up and empty the urinal. My mom, my brother and the housekeeper each took turns to take care of him in the evenings. They had to get up every half hour, sometimes even more frequently, to empty the urinal. They were all exhausted; my dad felt bad and frustrated, too.I looked through the entire array of urinals on Amazon for one that could be used to help with the situation, and I was so happy when I found this one, the ONLY ONE that is designed to store large amount urine without spilling or smelling. It also has a soft padding at the opening that makes it a lot more comfortable. This is now my dad's favorite urinal. In fact, he now only ever uses this one.No one has to get up any more in the evenings to empty urinals. My whole family is very thankful to this brilliant invention. They couldn't find it anywhere else. I bought extras for my dad in case the one he is currently using breaks. My brother joked and said that he would steal one from my dad and save it for himself.My family also brings the urinal system along with them whenever they take my dad out on a road trip. This saves them the trouble of looking for public bathrooms, which can be difficult in many places.The vender was very responsive to my questions. Larry emailed back promptly with all the helpful information about the urinal system. He also welcomed phone calls for any questions or helps needed for the product.I cannot imagine how my family could survive daily life without this urinal system. I was so worried that everyone will get too tired and fall ill. Now that they can sleep peacefully at night, they can go about their daily life as they use to. Thank you, Larry! For your brilliant invention, the well made product and your warm hearted support! 5
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