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  • Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints, Moroccan Mint, 1.2 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints, Moroccan Mint, 1.2 Ounce (Pack of 1)


Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints, Moroccan Mint, 1.2 Ounce (Pack of 1)


Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints, Moroccan Mint, 1.2 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Made with organic Japanese matcha green tea
  • Naturally sugar free & low in caffeine
  • Certified B Corp that measures our social and environmental impact beyond traditional measures. Made in the USA
  • 60 mints per canister (approximately)
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Customer Reviews

Glad I found theseI have been looking for this type of green tea mint for years. I bought a different brand years ago, that stopped making them. I couldn't find anything similar. These aren't quite the same, but I have grown to really like them. Plus I like the additional benefits of equalling a cup of green tea, with all it's antioxidants. I use it for a different purpose than intended though. I used to suffer from heartburn all the time and took all sorts of remedies, most which only made it worse with rebound heartburn. I eventually did a cleanse, and cleaned up my eating which all but took care of that problem. However occasionally I might eat something that doesn't agree with me, and keeps me up at night. These help settle my stomach, without all the bad stuff that antacids and heartburn medicine have. Others have insisted this can't work for that, but I'm telling you it works for me. So glad I finally found them. Only negative is the price. It's a bit higher than I'm willing to consistently pay. I just buy them occasionally because of that.5Overpriced and variety flavors are randomMints are mediocre at best. I feel they are more focused on appearance, boxing and marketing and not on the product itself."Gift Box" was oversized with 1 inch cardboard filler to make it appear bigger.Main ingredient is Sorbitol a low-calorie sweetener chemically extracted from glucose. Not sure where SEN CHA naturals name is based on.5$ per box of mints they better blow my taste buds, but you pay for leaf pressed mints in a fancy box, with fancy names like Bombay Chai or Moracco Mint. Nothing special about the flavors the Trader Joe brand is much better, cheaper without the pretentiousness and Sorbitol.2Too sweet for me. Tins almost impossible to open.I mistakenly bought two boxes of six tins each when these were low in price. (I did it through Alexa and she made the mistake!) I had never tried them but love green tea and love mints so I figured these would be perfect. First of all, whoever designed the tins wasn't thinking about people actually OPENING the tins. It's very hard to open these. If you have trouble with hand mobility or weakness, you may never get the tin open. I struggle every time I want one of these. They definitely will NOT spill in a bag or briefcase though. Like... even if you threw the bag out of 100 story building onto concrete.Moving past that, these mints are a bit too sweet for my liking. The sweetness overpowers any mint or tea taste. I taste a burst of sweetness and then a little bit of the other two things. I would prefer a stronger tea/mint taste and far less sweetness. But that is a personal preference. My husband does agree though. I gave him a couple of tins and he complained first about them not opening well and then about the lack of minty taste.These are growing on me though. I have so many that I kind of HAVE to like them. Or at least get used to them. They have some sucralose in them that could possibly upset people's stomachs but I have no issue with it. Stevia is the main sweetner and that is a very safe one so I like that aspect. Just LESS of it.So, if you can get the tin open and like sweet mints, you will love these. Many people do. I will pass some tins to my sister and eat the rest in time but I will look for something with less sweetness and more flavor when the time coms to buy more mints like this.3These are next level mints with a beautiful design and packageYou know these aren't just any other mint when you hold the package in your hand. It's nicely designed and feels good to the touch. The packaging is so well designed it's just adorable, and small enough to put in your pocket (or purse or backpack) but packed with 64 mints into that cute container! They smell incredible - a sweet mint smell with the hint of green tea. At first I wasn't sure about the green tea flavor, but I was happy to discover that they're perfectly balanced. On top of that, they're made with organic matcha green tea, which is known for its antioxidants. These are the perfect mints to freshen up your breath after coffee or lunch, but even better to share with a friend. The beautifully designed leaf shape once again takes this mint to another level.5GOOD LUCK OPENING THE CANI hate these companies that put ONE organic ingredient in their product and the rest is garbage. FIRST ingredient is SORBITOL. Great if you like stomach upset and living in the bathroom. Nothing else is organic and that actually use stearate which is too long a topic to get into.The taste is really bad,The WORST thing for me and my husband is that BOTH of us found it next to impossible to open and close this pathetic thing,We broke the thing open and put the mints in another container.This is the most pathetic product I have come across in so many ways in a very long time.1Moroccan Mint FlavorI was looking for a healthier mint without artificial colors, preferably sugar free but without aspartame. This one is even better than I could have expected! I got a small tube of Moroccan mint, (cute packaging, biodegradable too) and fell in love. I was glad to find this size for cost effectiveness, and I can't wait to try other flavors. Refreshing and minty, but doesn't burn your mouth; freshens breath and prevents dry mouth, but not overwhelming either. Everyone I share with loves them too, no surprise that they are getting high reviews.5Six Flavors Mint! ...Most of them are pretty good, too.These ... are an odd mixture. Warning up front they are all sweetened with sorbitol, so you might want to avoid these if you don't like the taste of (or have problems with) sugar alcohols.Beyond that?There are six flavors in this pack. The 'Original' mints don't taste QUITE like the original Sencha green tea mints in the square tins, because of the substitution of sorbitol for sugar, but they're very similar.'Chai' is very good, with a marked but not overpowering spice-chai flavor. For my money, it's the best variety in the box.The mango and the dragonfruit are both excellent, distinctly fruity but still retaining the green-tea undertones.The 'Moroccan mint' is ... very, very spearmint. The spearmint almost drowns out anything else. This is probably fine if you like spearmint. I find it a bit overpowering. Your mileage may vary.The cherry blossom is ... just odd. It doesn't really have a cherry flavor or scent. I'm really not sure how to describe it. This is probably my lowest-ranked of the six flavors.As a bonus, when you're done, you have six very nice and durable twist-top tins, just the thing for safely keeping an assortment of small items you don't want to misplace. Push-pins, say, or SD cards, or motorcycle fuses, or Christmas tree light bulbs.3Great Taste and Kills Bad BreathWhat's not to like about Sencha mints? Absolutely nothing! Three mints a day is equivalent to drinking a cup or green tea. Not only that, the mints fight the bacteria that causes bad breath and they taste great too. I typically order the variety pack. That gives a variety of flavor choices.The mints come in a convenient cardboard container that can be easily displayed and easy access to the mints tins. The tins are great for carrying the mints. The complaint I have is the lids can be a bit stubborn to remove. I have been buying Sencha mints for several years and plan to continue to be a loyal customer.5Good quality mints!These are really good quality mints. I'm not that fond of the Moroccan Mint flavor however. I think I'll try the mango next time. Or the Chai. The mints themselves are very good quality. Like the tin it comes in too. It screw on and off. My price was good at the time, but noticed how expensive some of them are. So look for a vendor who doesn't charge too much. They don't last too long in your mouth. They melt pretty fast. But again they are good, I just didn't care for the moroccan mint flavor. It was a little strong and odd tasting to my pallet anyway. I'll order again, just a different flavor next time.4Terrible. I love green tea mintsTerrible. I love green tea mints, but these things have SORBITOL in them. Which make them taste terrible, but worse - they made me extremely sick to my stomach. Turns out it's a sugar alcohol, which can have terrible effects on the tummy. How I WISH the product had the words "sugar free" on them, I hate it when products don't include that, I feel like they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I love the green tea mints from Trader Joe's (with real sugar), and assumed these would be almost the same. I was so wrong.1
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