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  • The Stick Sprinter Stick Fuchsia - 19 Inches - Firm Flexibility With Fuchsia Handles - Therapeutic Body Massage Stick

The Stick

The Stick Sprinter Stick Fuchsia - 19 Inches - Firm Flexibility With Fuchsia Handles - Therapeutic Body Massage Stick

The Stick

The Stick Sprinter Stick Fuchsia - 19 Inches - Firm Flexibility With Fuchsia Handles - Therapeutic Body Massage Stick

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • INNOVATIVE! The Sprinter Stick is used to perform a therapeutic procedure that inactivates muscle knots and kinks, warms muscles, provides segmental stretching, increases circulation & encourages nutrient-rich blood flow.
  • PROMOTES FLEXIBILITY! The Stick relieves muscle pain, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery of muscles through stretching and massage. It can be used before, during and after periods of activity for myofascial release
  • BENEFICIAL! Whether your body experiences muscle pain from athletics or work activities, the therapeutic Sprinter Stick can provide myofascial release to alleviate the problem areas in your muscles
  • Sprinter Stick is a short massage stick perfect for traveling & mainly used on the legs. Sprinter Stick is firm & most appropriate for more muscular physiques, larger individuals, or those that especially enjoy deep pressure
  • Stick products are therapeutic body massage sticks made of a space-age plastic that allow necessary flexibility of the tool and provide maximum compression of the muscles, with proper use they should last a lifetime
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Highly recommended for shins splints and FAT calves.I have large calves so I tend to cramp up during long runs or hill runs even after a proper warm up and stretches but this thing almost eliminates that problem! I usually use it on every muscle on my leg (about 15 rolls away from the heart for each muscle) before and after each run and the crampings have been reduced to small tingling sensations and have completely eliminated soreness after more intense workouts.I also began having shin splints symptoms and usually the pain would be enough to stop me from running for weeks but as soon as I felt the symptoms, I used this on my shins (moderate preasure) and my shins actually feels great right now. 5Wow.Massive understatement. I have been contemplating this stick for a year plus. I run. I bike. I'm a mom. Aches and pains are a way of life. Long days, short nights, miles on my body. But I can make due with a rolling pin, right? A tennis ball will do, right?Wrong. Look, this is cheap therapy. It doesn't need an appointment made. It doesn't make you listen to Josh Groban and smelly incense. Or cost you more than $40 once. It is there when I need it and doesn't complain when I don't. The dog doesn't try to fetch it. The kids don't fight you for it to roll out their play dough cookies.Why is it good? Well, the individual sections move independently and follow your muscle contours. The bar flexes slightly to follow your body curves. The handles keep hands safe and happy. And the compact size is perfect for most body parts and travel. Gentle pressure gives you light message, firmer gives you deep tissue happiness! 5LOVE THIS THING!!!Let me start by saying I am not an athlete. I was a little skeptical of purchasing The Stick since it seemed like most people who were using it were runners or cyclists. I exercise a few times a week, but I'm just an ordinary person with ordinary muscle aches and tension. After trying several different massagers which brought me little or no relief, I broke down and bought the sprinter stick. This thing is amazing! It is the only thing that relaxes the knots in my calfs and neck. You can use it on almost every part of your body. Just a few quick passes over tired muscles and you'll feel instant relief. I knew it was great when my husband, the consumate pessimist, started using it. Now we take turns massaging ourselves and each other. I can't recommend this enough. You will not be disappointed! 5Great for self-useI was introduced to this product through a physical therapists office, but they had the full size 24 inch one. I figured that a stiffer, smaller one would be better for personal use, and I think that assumption was correct. A 24 inch stick might be a bit difficult to maneuver using it on yourself, but a stick 5 inches shorter works really well on the legs. The stiffer core makes up for the leverage you lose from it being shorter.This company offers a wide variety of similar products, so I'm sure you can find something to fit your specific needs, but this seems to be the best self-use product in my opinion. 5Should be renamed the "Magic Wand"Finally... relief for my lower back and legs. After months of lower back and hip flexor pain and gong through chiropractors, acupuncture, physical therapy, I finally decided to purchase the stick (which should be renamed the magic wand). I went for the 19inch Sprinter as it was small enough to travel with me but was firm enough to work my glutes, hip flexors and lower back. Since I purchased the Stick and using multiple times a day before and after a run and before going to bed my pain has all gone and I'm running and playing soccer back at levels of a couple of years ago.Pros:Small enough to travel withReally works muscles and hits trigger pointsWell madeCons:Not quite long enough for shouldersVery highly recommend for anyone with back or upper leg muscles pain. 5What a nice stick!I found out about this product at a marathon expo and I got to test it out. I thought it was pretty good but I wasn't prepared to spend a whopping $50 on it at the time. I tried my friends Tiger Tail version and thought it was okay but the rollers didn't seem as smooth as the Stick. I found it on Amazon and I decided to buy it. Quality so far is good and I hope it holds up for a long time. I definitely like using it on my thighs and calves. Using it on your back seems rather awkward. I do prefer the stiffer stick as allows better leverage for more pressure on the muscles -- it pinpoints the muscles a little better than a foam roller. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested or likes to do self massages. If you can get someone to do it for you is even better. If the price was in the mid $30 range I would have given it 5 stars. 4Great massage stick.I bought this massage stick due to IT band issues after my run. As another reviewer mentioned, it is wise to go to the manufacturer web site to find out which stick is right for you. I took his advise and learned about the different lengths and stiffness of the sticks. I choose the Sprinter Stick because it is short enough to carry in my 22" suitcase when I travel and because it is the stiffiest one they make. I run 6 miles before work a couple of times a week, then sit behind a desk all day. My right IT band and hamstrings always tighten up from sitting too much after a run. I take the stick to work with me and use it a few times during the day for a couple of minutes each time and it works wonders. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for more of a deep tissue massage to work out knots. There is nothing that I do not like about it and would recommend it to my friends.I also use a firm foam roller at home just after my run and occasionally before bed if my IT band is really bothering me, which typically happens after 1/2 marathons. The combination of the two keeps me running pain free. 5Great & Better Than Foam Roller!I am a cyclist and have used this quite a few times post-ride. I was torn between a 4-star and a 5-star rating but after considering everything about this product over and over again in my head, I decided a 4.5 star rating was best and, as such, rounding up to 5 stars was natural.The only issue I have with this massage stick is how it can be difficult, impractical and/or tiresome to use on yourself. That's not the stick's fault, however, and these problems can be overcome. The best way to use this remains to have someone use it on you instead of you using it yourself. That said, I will reaffirm one more time that it's still very useable by yourself and effective, too. I just believe it's best when someone else uses it on you, similar to a massage being given to you in general, stick or no stick.The stick is extremely effective at working out stiffness, soreness and tenderness in muscles. I found this stick to be very firm and just what I was looking for! It's a bit on the small side when trying to use it on anything other than legs and arms, and full-body effectiveness is best left to someone using this stick on you or upgrading to one of their body sticks. The manufacturer points out as much so this should be no surprise.I believe this type of massaging device should be owned by all athletes, especially endurance athletes (runners, bikers and swimmers, for example) but can definitely be used by all, even non-athletes to be quite honest.Very happy with my purchase and would recommend to everyone. I enjoy using this much more than a foam roller! 5Best sore muscle solution available.Works as well as all The Stick product models. Each one has a different give and compliance when pressing it against your muscle groups. This one has the least give of all the models but is not any more or less painful when used. If anything, the stiffness allows for it to be used one handed against arms and shoulder muscle groups. The design of this product, in my opinion, is better than others and works as advertised. It will work out knots I m your muscles and it also alleviates soreness from tense or overworked muscles. The most important thing to remember when using The Stick is to relax the muscle you re rolling and press against it as much as necessary for you to feel some minor pain as you roll out the stiffness but not so much as to cause too much discomfort. When rolling muscles before exercise or after, only apply slight pressure to basically just massage the group and roll back and forth just a few times. After workouts, this will minimize the chance for sore muscles after and before workouts it ll minimize the chance of a pulled or injured muscle. In a way, it s like stretching but better for those uses. The real benefit of the product however is dealing with sore and tense/knotted muscle groups. That s really the original intent of The Stick and what it was designed to address. 5"Little Stick", is small but effective!I purchased this stick for mainly for my calf muscles. In physical therapy they have a much larger stick that I use when I go there. I was worried that the little stick would be too small, it being the smallest size offered, but after reading that it was great for calves on their website I decided to buy it. I am very satisfied with the little stick. I find it much easier to control than the larger stick that I tried, it is the perfect size for calves and shins! I also found that you can use it on your upper legs too, it might not fit across your whole thigh but it still does the job. I am glad that I did not spend a lot more money on much larger stick. I even used it a little on my arms and neck. It feels so good that I want to use it everywhere! I would highly recommend! 5
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