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  • Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover
  • Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover
  • Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover
  • Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover
  • Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

J D beauty professional

Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

J D beauty professional

Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
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  • Country of origin is United States
  • Item Package Length: 7.112cm
  • Item Package Width: 15.748cm
  • Item Package Height: 23.368cm
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There may be a learning curve to this. It keeps stopping and I'm barely touching the skin. At first I thought it was defective, now I am considering that there might a learning curve in using this effectively (though it may just not be working right in comparison to the reviews I've seen before ordering). The TIp2Toe seems a solid little device (the size of mini blow dryer). I was very happy to find a plug in callus remover because the batteries never give the power needed to truly upkeep feet with callus problem. But when I first tried this Tip2Toe I couldn't figure out how anyone was having success (and there are a lot of glowing reviews). Even when I tried to barely touch the machine to foot, it would stop. I upped the speed considerably and found I could get a second or two of sanding if I were just skimming, almost dabbing at the surface and moving along. The little machine argued with me, zipping, zapping, stopping a lot. I kept looking for sparks (because it sure sounded like sparking). But the remover remained cool to the touch, so I tried again.With a little practice I was able to keep it in contact with my skin enough to get some of callus off. The reviews are right on one point... don't leave it in one spot for more than a second (it will burn your skin with friction), I didn't even really get close to that though... my machine stops spinning long before that happens. Am still not convinced that this is functioning properly.Will update after I've tried a few more times. 3Finally, a callus remover that works!My husband has atrocious calluses on his heels with have deep cracks. This can be dangerous if the cracks bleed. I have given him files and various pumice stones which did not work. I was reticent to buy anything that worked on batteries, as I did not think it would provide enough power. Turns out I was correct. This device, however, is electric and is very powerful. My husband's feet are almost back to normal after only two sessions of use! I highly recommend this over any flimsy, cheap battery-operated device. Don't waste your money on something else that won't work or that is dangerous (callus shaver, cringe). This is a professional-grade product and the discs have enough coarseness to work efficiently, unlike others I have seen. Thank you Tip2Toe!Update, January 6, 2014 -We have had this product for over a year and it is still going strong! My husband gives it a rigorous workout every few weeks and we haven't had any issues with it. It is an excellent product and you won't be sorry you purchased it.5Brilliant Machine Does An Exceptional Job One of the unfortunate problems associated with diabetes is the build up of calluses , dry cracked heels and thick dry skin on the bottom of the feet.More than just unsightly if left un treated walking becomes difficult and more serious repercussions can arise from not addressing the problem, good foot care for diabetics is essential.Over the past few years I've tried scrapers, files and blades - along with a myriad of creams and products both over the counter and prescription. They have all had some degree of benefit however I've found the buffers , scrapers and the like cumbersome to use and extremely time consuming. When searching for a better solution I came across this product and decided to give it a go and hoped for the best.The Luxor Pro Tip 2Toe is an excellent product. I couldn't believe how well it performs and how quickly it delivers exceptional results.The unit itself is designed for professional use and it's quite powerful - absolutely nothing I have used in the past has worked so beautifully. The unit looks a bit like a small portable hair drier, has an 8 foot swivel cord which is nice to have, a variable speed adjustment, on/off switch and comes with 6 fine disks and 6 coarse disks.Please note, the fine disks are only for healthy smooth skin, the coarse disks are for tough skin, calluses and related problems. The unit has a built in safety precaution and will stop if you press too hard.Benefits:* Professional Quality - Excellent Build Quality* Comes With Everything You Need* Ready To Use Right Out Of The Box* Disks Are easy To Replace Both On Amazon And Direct From Manufacturer* 120/220 Volt Grounded Plug* Quiet* Extremely Effective* 3 Year WarranteeTips For Best Results:* Use After Shower Or Bath* Make Sure Feet Are Dry But Still Softened By Water* Go Slow - Take Your Time* Keep The Disk Moving Around The Area Being Treated* Do Not Press Down Let The Machine Do The Work* Follow Treatment With A Good MoisturizerThe bottoms of my feet look they did thirty years ago - and now walking is much more comfortable and virtually pain free. Regardless of the cause of your calluses or dry and or cracked skin - used correctly this system will restore damaged skin to healthy, smooth and callous free and you'll see dramatic results right after the first use.Simply an outstanding product that does exactly what it promises - Highly recommended. 5I would avoid breathing the dust Like everyone else has said, this looks and sounds like a small hairdryer but functions similarly to a Dremmel high speed rotary tool. Now, I have used a Dremmel before and wasn't particularly bothered when the very high speed rotation over-heated the item I was working on. But when the item is your foot, you will quickly take notice and alter your technique. There's a learning curve but it is short.In my case I kept the speed at around 30 to 40 percent of its max. That's easy to eyeball on the speed dial. Then I adopted a technique of touching a spot and immediately lifting it from that spot. Then touching another spot. This sounds slow, but it's the high rotation that quickly does the work here, not pressure or sustained contact. As with a Dremmel, pressure will stop the rotation and even slightly sustained contact will result in too much heat to the area.I can't describe to you how bad my heels were and I am certain you couldn't find any that were worse. They looked like something out of a horror film! I was embarrassed to go for a pedicure. My feet were simply too bad. So, on my own, I tried everything to get rid of the callouses and cracks. I've used all the manual sanders and graters (lots of work for minimal and short lived results). I've butchered my feet with a cutting blade until my husband insisted I get rid of it. I also tried the "Be Natural Callus Eliminator" which people rave about here with absolutely NO result from that product.After reading the short list of instructions and precautions, I loaded the Tip 2 Toe with the course disc. Obviously! I worked on one foot for 30 minutes. By that time it was smooth to the touch. I could still see tracks where the very deep cracks had been. I would describe the skin as tough but smooth. Shiny actually. Like a polished piece of wood, lol. In my case I believe there is something about my gait which produces excess force on the heels, resulting in thick callouses which eventually crack if unattended to. I don't expect that to change, so callous maintenance will be an ongoing battle.The results of using the Tip 2 Toe are similar to the manual sanders, but I'd say more thorough and requiring far less effort, and less strain on my back. The first pass took 30 minutes per foot in my extreme case. With regular use I expect a quick touch-up will suffice. Another difference is the dust. With the manual sanders the dust is heavy enough to fall to the floor. I always work over a towel and then throw it in the laundry. However the dust generated by the Tip 2 Toe is very fine and floats around in the air. My lungs are sensitive and I felt them being affected. I would suggest wearing a mask or going outside which the instructions tell you not to do. I'm not sure why they say that. My environment was dry and my outlet was grounded. I felt safe using it outside and it resolved the dust problem for me.I'm glad I took a chance with this product. My feet are smooth enough after one use that I would feel comfortable going for a pedicure, mostly because I would like someone to paint my nails for me. I plan to maintain my callouses myself.Regarding the sanding discs, it comes with 6 fine and 6 course. After one hour of use, the course disc still seems usable although it isn't as scratchy as an unused disc. I don't feel the cost of discs will be prohibitive in the long run.A couple years ago I developed eczema on my hands. The continuous cycle of itchy blisters, scratching, peeling, and eventual healing had caused the skin to become hard and rough. I found that applying unscented! petroleum jelly at night, covered with white cotton gloves, restored their natural softness. I pull the gloves off after a couple hours. I suspect that I could get a similar softening effect on my feet if I were willing to use the petroleum jelly with some socks on my feet. Haven't tried that yet, but now that the thick dead skin is gone, maybe I will. 5Love this product, thrilled with results Diabetic and have had serious issues with my feet. I love this. Wish I had had this 30 years ago. Has improved my foot health tremendously. You know diabetics have to be careful with their feet. If used properly, you will never have to go to podiatrist for callus removal again. Pedicures will be such a joy. I also recommend for older adults. I am 62 and am able to use this easily. Sandals, hello! The sanding disks last a very long , so order a set and you will most likely never have to order again. Very loud like a vacuum cleaner. I have accidently let it slip on occasions so don't do that! It does create dust, but this is so much better than those stupid flesh graters on the market. Well worth the money, powerful motor. When I first started getting use to it, I would lightly tap on areas I worked on. Too much pressure will remove too much, so go easy. Again if you use this properly and with a light touch you will be thrilled with the results. My feet have never been in such great shape.Update 15 May 2017: I have added this step before using this. Soak in bath. Immediately soak feet in apple cider vinegar, I use an inexpensive plastic dish pan--hold it up to your feet in the store to make sure your feet will fit inside the dish pan. Also get a large jug of apple cider, label it "feet" and you can reuse the cider vinegar over and over. Just be sure to store it in the container shortly after use so it won't evaporate. Soak feet anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. Dry your feet and then use the Tip2Toe callus remover. First it will eliminate most of the skin dust if you use the remover on dry feet. Big plus. I successfully have removed every bit of callus on my feet using this method. No chemicals used. All I can say, is this diabetic is thrilled to have feet like a baby's. The motor works harder on soaked feet, so I use a tapping method which is not as hard on the motor and this allows you to control how deep it will go to avoid burns. You will hear a difference in the motor sound, so keep that in mind again to avoid burns. 5One Step Below a Belt Sander, But in a Good Way PROS: Corded for power; replaceable sanding headCONS: Messy; painful; difficult to controlThe main reason I chose this product was, oddly enough, because of the "negative" reviews.My feet are terrible. Calluses grow on them like barnacles. They crack like antique porcelain dolls.I had been using a battery-powered foot sander for the last year, and while it did an adequate job, it was too weak for my feet. It took a half hour or longer to sand them and they didn't stay smooth for very long.I was seriously prepared to purchase an electric sander from a hardware store, but before doing that, I decided to give a sander designed for feet (and not woodwork) one more chance.Since most of the negative reviews on the Tip2Toe revolved around how painful it was or how much callus it removed, I figured this might be the one to do the job for my disgusting feet.This product certainly does not disappoint when it comes to power and pain. At its highest setting, it creates so much friction that it feels like someone is holding a lit match to your skin, but it does take the callus off (which is the point).Unfortunately, the rotating disc makes it difficult to control because it always wants to kick away from the surface. It would be easier having a spouse do the work, although that would really be putting those wedding vows to the test.Using the Tip2Toe is also EXTREMELY messy. With my old, less powerful, battery-operated foot sander, the callus powder would simply fall to the floor allowing for quick pickup with a vacuum cleaner. This one, sadly, spreads the callus throughout the room as a fine layer of dust. This is probably due to the hair dryer-like cooling system (it really does handle like an electric hair dryer both in weight, sound and feel).Bottom line, this is a good product if you have bad feet. Just be prepared for a lot of pain and a lot of mess. 4CAREFUL WITH THIS I hate to give only one star rate but I don t know what happened to the previous version of this I purchase one a few years ago and my husband love it omg he was amazed at how great this thing work and leave his soft. But then it broke from the top so I order another one and this time it was very hard to use since there was not a option to control the speed. This one is too powerful even on the slowest speed.i hate this we are looking to buy another brand unfortunately. 1Finally!!!!! the cure for cracked heels!!! I have been dealing with very dry cracked fissured heels for most of my adult life - I'm 50 now. Let me tell you I have tried everything...foot file, foot razors (don't do this), pumice, callous removers, foot soaks, every lotion and potion under the sun, foot and ankle specialists (zero help there), special silicone socks......the list is endless.I only buy sandals and shoes that cover my heels because I am so embarrassed how gross they look.Here I was on amazon looking at this and figured what the hell, I'll try this too. Guess what?? It freaking worked!!!!!Let me tell you, I would pay thousands of dollars for this tool. Nothing has helped me, nothing but this!first off, be careful using this, this is Home Depot Dremel quality and you need to take your time and take it slow, don't expect to take off everything at once, less is more approach here. Wait a couple of days and do a little at a time, so you don't take off too much. Also really lotion up afterwards.I now use this once a week and really just keep on top of maintenance with it!If you suffered like I did, this is your holy grail of treatment! 5This electric callous remover is one of the better innovations and additions to foot This electric callous remover is one of the better innovations and additions to life as a frequent traveler, or one on their feet a lot.. rRacing through,airports,, hurrying iaround, all in high heels, and many times on tip-toes to prevent the heel from being caught and ripped by the cobblestones that I frequently encounter, has not worked wonders on my feet.After years of pedicures, sleeping in socks at night, with my feet covered in Vaseline, pumice stones and scrubby foot sponges by the truckload, I was about ready to give-up on my feet. I was ready to accept these flaky, cracked, dried-oit' and callous-covered spectacles as my fate In life. However, while idly surfing through Amazon, I discovered both the electric callous remover, and a smaller, and battery powered version.How was I to know that these, plus an extraordinary O'Keefes foot cream, would completely eradicate, eliminate, and expel forever the days of hiding my feet under my chair while wearing dressy sandals. Fliip-Flops, open-toes heels, or anything else that might reveal the sad state of affairs affecting the appearance and comfort of my feet.However, , I saw this device, as well as a smaller and less powerful battery-powered model while idly cruising through various departments of Amazon. How was I to ever even in my wildest dreams discover just how much this device, the foot cream, and sticking to my foot improvement plan would dramatically and radically change forever those awkward days of trying to hide my foot in sandals under my chair. The days of snagging my sheer panty hose each morning on my raggedy feet as I dressed were soon to be all distant and very easily forgotten memories.This device plugs into an electrical socket in the US and Canada, but will need a converter to adapt to the 220V power supplied in other places. There are several methods for adjusting the speed and pressure of this device, while gemtly massaging it over your clean and freshly-showered, or soaked and dried feet. There are tiny, round sanding discs on the end of the device which allow you to remove the dry, dead, and thickly calloused areas of your feet.There are a few of the tiny sanding discs included with the device, but one would be well-advised to order additional fine and coarse discs, at the moment of ordering this callous remover. After the correct smoothing disc has been applied to the end of the device, it is time to adjust the speed dial on the handle, and begin to gently, without applying too much pressure, buff offf the callouses, the thickened and built-up dried skin, and other unsightly and rather distressing ailments suffered by over-worked feet.This is a quality item of manufacture, and oh how I wish that I had discovered this callous remover years ago.. The device is easy too use. One begins using a lower speed selection, while becoming accustomed to the use of this device. It is also of importance to become aware of just how much pressure one should apply while smoothing the feet. A device set at too high of a speed,, while being held stationary upon one area of the foot can slowly induce a feeling of heat. However, this is a very simple learning-curve, and the results of this tiny bit of effort on your part, are worth their weight in gold.This device, as well as a smaller and battery-powered device, both designed to perform the same function, will easily rid you of all of the unsightly elements of your feet that have been bothered you so over the years. This quickly mastered little machine will dramatically improve the appearance of your feet within a period of about two months, provided that one has just showered, or otherwise soaked and softened the skin on the foot in advance, much as would be dome In a salon.My feet were very dry, with thick build-ups of dry skin on the soles of my feet, as well as callouses everywhere else on my feet, including the tips of my toes. But after bi-weekly sessions with this apparatus, as well as the "O' Keefes cream mentioned on the product page, gave me the feet that I had been longing for, with very little effort required to reach my goal.Using this device is a simple matter of plugging it in, after choosing the tiny round sandpaper-type material on the end of the device, adjusting the desired speed.....and off you go. With just a few days practice, this magical device has been mastered.I used this on my thickened and rough soles of my feet, especially the odd areas on the sides of my feet where cracks were appearing, and most definitely an unsightly nuisance. I also used this on the entire sole, around the more unsightly areas appearing on the tips of my toes.After one or two sessions a week, for two months, my feet were not yet quite silky smooth, but they were well on the way to that goal, I was not snagging my panty hose on my raggedy feet, and I was proud of my appearance in my summer sandals.This product is of quality manufacture and the replacement smoothing discs are readily available ( Alas, one must pay extra for those.). This machines performs high-quality, salon-level work. I have used this machine many time, and observe no lessening of quality with frequent use. This machine performs the job for which it is intended, not always a given these days. For what it does, the price is extremely reasonable.I recommend this device for all in need of a bit of an extra touch with their pedicures. It works well and I can recommend this device based personal experience with the machine. 5Best foot filer! I have only been to one manicurist who used this type of foot filer. She had left the salon I go to and didn't know where she moved to. After months of not having my feet professionally done and trying store bought files and even the battery operated Pedi filer (can't remember name now); I finally decided to search for this! I was so happy to find it on Amazon! I have never posted a picture on a review but I had to share. It's embarrassing but I want to help others make the choice! Invest in this! It's awesome! 5Must buy!!!! Used it right away and came packaged in great condition! My husband has very VERY rough feet! This is one tough tool! Just be careful not to keep it in one spot too long, I glided this along the bottom of his foot very lightly touching his feet, wonderful outcome! 5
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