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  • Vionic Unisex Full Length Supportive Relief Orthotic Medium (Women's Shoe Size: 8.5-10 / Men's Shoe Size: 7.5-9)
  • Vionic Unisex Full Length Supportive Relief Orthotic Medium (Women's Shoe Size: 8.5-10 / Men's Shoe Size: 7.5-9)


Vionic Unisex Full Length Supportive Relief Orthotic Medium (Women's Shoe Size: 8.5-10 / Men's Shoe Size: 7.5-9)


Vionic Unisex Full Length Supportive Relief Orthotic Medium (Women's Shoe Size: 8.5-10 / Men's Shoe Size: 7.5-9)

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Provides everyday comfort and support, Podiatrist Designed, APMA Seal of Acceptance
  • Our full-length orthotic replaces your shoe's removable footbed.
  • Ideal for casual, flat shoes and walking shoes.
  • XS: Women's 4.5-6 / Men's 3.5-5 S: Women's 6.5-8 / Men's 5.5-7 M: Women's 8.5-10 / Men's 7.5-9 L: Women's 10.5-12 / Men's 9.5-11 XL: Men's 11.5-15
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Must haves for low archesI've used these for years, and usually walk 10,000+ steps as day, whether as my job as a nurse and/or at home. I've had "flat feet" since I was an child (I'm now 54) and had "cookie" inserts when I was little. It's impossible for me to walk barefooted in the house without my hips hurting eventually. These have saved me. I often order shoes with these inserts built in, but for brands that do not have this option, I either use the full or half insert. I cannot go without them. Even my husband is using them as he works out because he doesn't feel like he has full arch support.5Great Insole for my Plantar Fasciitis!I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and a heel spur in one of my feet. This issue has been going on for almost a year. I've tried cortisone shots (several months back) and had physical therapy twice a week for several months. I felt like I've plateaued with the physical therapy and wanted to see if these inserts may be what I needed. I've worn this insert for two days. The first day for only a couple hours as advised. Then yesterday for about four hours. My feet were a little sore the first day after wearing the insoles. But felt better the second day. I previously tried the CurrexSole high profile inserts, which caused me more pain (recommended by a high-end running shoe store). And the Superfeet Berry insoles (recommended by my Doctor) with no success (the arch in the Superfeet insole was too far back on my foot). I had read a previous review that mentioned they had the same problem with the Superfeet insole being too far back in the arch, so I tried the Orthaheel Relief. I'm so glad I did. I'm only three days into this but I'm seeing positive results. I have also purchased a pair of the Vionic Rest Paros Orthaheel Sandals and Vionic Flex Sierra Lace up shoes to rotate into my day. I find that if I rotate three or four pair of shoes in the day my feet don't spasm and feel as tired. I am hoping my review helps someone else. I can't imagine how many hours I've spent reading reviews hoping to find the "magic cure"! Not that I'm saying I have but I am feeling positive results from the Vionic products. (I also purchased the 3/4 insert to put into a pair of boots, they feel great!) It's still early, but I'm feeling optimistic. Wishing you best of luck. I know how frustrating this condition can be.5HorribleToo bulky and big and won't fit in any of my shoes, tried to return them and was refused, so waste of money. I have other shoe inserts that have worked just fine. I own many pairs of Vionic shoes so thought this was a way to turn my other shoes into comfort, but I was wrong. I bought the small and could not fit them not even into one pair of shoes, save your money don't buy this you will be disappointed.1Amazing reliefI was unsure about trying these inserts because of some bad reviews. I would like to address the negative feedback given.I already had a pair of Orthaheel slides for wearing around the house. They were a God send and although I still have PF (in both feet) I can now walk without intense pain in the house. But I needed shoes or inserts that would help me when I left the home. So I decided to give these "Relief" insoles a chance. I bought both a pair of the 3/4 length and the full length. I received the 3/4 length first and they did help some but my feet felt like they weren't secure enough. However I can wear them in dress shoes (flats, not heels) ok. Then I received my full length and was concerned that they would be too much for my loafers. I was pleasantly surprised that they fit in the shoe and I still had room for my feet. :-) I also have a bunion on my right foot and it is hard to find shoes that I can wear that don't irritate the bunion. Much to my amazement I can wear these in my loafers and they still don't bother my bunion. The paperwork states that supporting the foot properly with these inserts is suppose to help with bunions too and I have to say they must be correct.I have read that these inserts are cheaply made. I don't agree at all. No, they are not custom orthotics but they are well made especially for the price. They are extremely light weight and maybe that makes people think they are cheap but they are well made. The light weight is really an advantage.Some inserts people complain that they are too stiff and hard. These inserts make me feel I am walking on air. I couldn't believe how wonderful they felt the first time I stood on them. They seem to absorb the shock of walking with the heal hitting the floor and being cushioned instead of the hard pain from regular soles. Yet to feel them you would not think they are cushioned. I had some spenco inserts from a few years ago but they were hard and unbending so they actually hurt my heels more. These support your foot's shape, without being hard, giving good arch support which is needed with PF.Note that these can be cut to fit your shoe easily. They expect you to do that. Also they suggest taking out the insert of your shoes before inserting these. My loafers you cannot do that and yet the inserts still fit with no problem.You do have to break in wearing them slowly. I had more of a problem, not with my feet, but with my hips and lower back getting use to the new way of walking and standing that these inserts created in my body. I have more of a problem then most would because I also have fibromyalgia so my body over reacts to change. After about two weeks my body is now starting to get use to the new support and I have no doubt that hips, low back and knees will be forever grateful for the new support.Do I still have pain in my feet? Yes but not as much and I can stand and walk for much longer periods of time then I could before. I expect it to get better as time goes by.I just want to stress that these are NOT cheaply made and DO cushion the foot and heel as they support the foot. Everyone is different and you have to try for yourself what will work in your circumstance. Just don't be afraid to try them because people say they are cheaply made. That is not the case. I just ordered two more pairs so I don't have to change them in shoes all the time. Also they do say to replace them once a year as needed depending on how much you use them.4GO VIONIC!VIONIC IS THE ONLY SHOE I WEAR UNLESS I CAN STICK ONE OF THESE INSERTS IN IT! THESE KEEP THE NEUROMA IN MY FEET FROM RULING MY LIFE. I WEAR OTHER BRANDS ONLY WHEN THEY HAVE AN INSOLE THAT IS REMOVABLE SO ONE OF THESE CAN BE USED. THIS ONE WORKS BEST IN SHOES RATHER THAN BOOTS AND ATHLETIC SHOES FOR ME.5Not as much support as their flip-flops or slippers.I bought a pair of Vionics Orthaheel slippers and also a pair of their flip-flops recently, and was so impressed I decided to get these too. This is a bit of a letdown. The arch support is not very deep or sturdy, and my plantar fasciitis pain is much more noticeable using these insoles compared to using the slippers and flip-flops. These insoles do not provide as much support or bounce as I would have expected. Now, I haven't tried their other type of insole yet (the "active" ones) so maybe I will just return these "Relief" insoles and get the "Active" type and see if it's any better.2since normal flat shoes are now very painful. While the shoes were still in good conditionHad purchased Vionic's ballet flats - I have a pronation which has resulted in bone spurs on the back of my right heel, which rub my Achilles tendon. The Orthaheel design has been a lifesaver, since normal flat shoes are now very painful. While the shoes were still in good condition, the Orthaheel inserts that came with the shoe were starting to compress & not offer the same relief. Rather than spend twice the cost on new shoes from Vionic, I took a chance and got these to replace the orthotic insole. These were a perfect fit to the flats, with no trimming necessary. (Note: I normally take a size Women's 8 wide shoe.)4I am THRILLEDI have been struggling with lower back pain for quite some time and it has gotten so bad I can barely walk a mile. It is amazing what a disability it is. I am a pretty active person, so to always wonder if my back is going to flare up has definitely had a negative impact on my day to day life.A few months ago, I bought a pair of Orthaheel mules. They felt great. I walked around Washington DC for an afternoon and while my back was sore, it was bearable. I felt they were a big improvement for me.Recently I ordered a pair of the insoles for my New Balance sneakers and today I tried them for the first time. I am happy to say that they made a significant difference. I walked for nearly 2 miles in slightly hilly terrain and while my back ached a little, it was nothing like the sharp spasms I usually get. I was able to walk at a comfortable pace with just a couple stops for brief rests.I want to add that although these say they are designed for overpronation, I over-supinate and wondered if they would help. (I have a high arch and my feet tend to roll outward.) Well, I can say that these were great. It is the first time in MONTHS that I have been able to walk the whole 2 miles without a back spasm.I am really grateful to have found these insoles. They are worth every penny if they allow me to get back to walking. Thank you Orthaheels!!!!5Changed my life - Saved my careerI can't say enough about these inserts. I am a nurse thus on my feet all day, long shifts. I developed Plantar Fasciitis horribly. I was literally limping through my day and my foot was so swollen at night I was bed ridden from the moment I got home. I had started cortisone injections which helped but my podiatrist recommended I have custom orthotic inserts made to wear everyday for $450.00 or I could purchase a non-custom pair from him for $60.00. I declined his offer since I was wearing a pair I had just purchased for $100.00 from a shoe store that customizes in "running" inserts.Needless to say, the shot worked great for a couple of weeks then the pain was worse than ever. Finally, a co-worker told me about Orthaheel inserts. She too had suffered from the same foot issues, used Orthaheel inserts and it was gone. At less than $40.00 bucks I thought it was worth a try. From the moment I put them in my shoes. I was hooked. I can't tell you what a world of difference they have made for me. My only regret was I didn't find these sooner. I went from a Mom who couldn't attend amusement parks or go to the mall on my days off with my kids to a Mom who does it all again including regular workout classes at the gym. Oh and I almost forgot, my podiatrist compared them to the inserts he sells and was very impressed and told me to stick with them.I can't say enough about Orthaheel. I now have a couple or pairs I rotate from shoe to shoe. I have also discovered they are somehow affiliated with Vionic shoes so I have purchased several pairs and would highly recommend purchasing those as well.Thank you Orthaheel for changing my life and saving my career.5Orthaheel Insole RELIEF (medium support) vs ACTIVE (maximum support)I bought the three frequently bought together (on different purchases). To my surprise, I received the light blue instead of the ivory. They have changed from ivory to light blue. I guess they are the same insoles in different colors where the light blue is the newest in stock. No need to buy the ivory.I am comparing the ACTIVE (maximum support for running and walking), in other words, the light blue insoles with the RELIEF (medium support for every day confort) the dark gray insoles. I think the pictures speak by themselves. The RELIEF (dark gray) insoles are good for supinators. I like the ACTIVE insoles because they provide good arch support. The RELIEF insoles lack the extra piece that provide more support to the arch and heel.This is the size guide according to manufacturer:MD8 = Men s US 7.5 - 9 Women s US 8.5-10LG10 = Men s US 9.5-11 Women s US 10.5-12XL12 = Men s US 11.5-13Please see my pictures for smaller sizes5
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